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Aurélie Roussel,
Communications Manager

What is unique about Soprofen, what is its speciality?

As an integrator, designer and manufacturer of aluminium and PVC rolling shutters for the last 25 years, SOPROFEN supplies a large range of finished products intended for the installer, manufacturer and dealer markets. Combining technical expertise with innovation, SOPROFEN offers an extensive range of equipment that offers comfort, well-being and enhances the living space: garage doors, solar protection, balcony glazing and terrace slats.

Why are you at equipbaie métalexpo 2010? What is your aim in exhibiting?

Soprofen aims to remain a dynamic manufacturer in the window, door and gate sector and that is why we are presenting our products, our know-how and our innovations at Equipbaie. This is a show where we can present our company and reinforce our position as a key player, as well as establishing new sales contacts. Forging lasting relationships with our customers, our prospects, our partners, and with specifiers and trade journalists are also key benefits of the show.
Shows are excellent opportunities for meetings that allow us to improve our brand image and our profile. They are a unique tool in support of our sales strategy. Equipbaie is dedicated to doors and windows and their fittings, it is “the” annual event for specialists in openings and the elements that close them. Its small size is conducive to meetings and friendliness. The 2010 show is totally focused on sustainable development and so it is vital for us, as a major player in our sector, to exhibit and to present our new products.

What is your product (innovation, headline product) for this show? Who is it aimed at?

The major innovation? The rolling shutter with motorized projection! But there are over 10 product developments and three major new products to discover on a 200 m² stand dedicated to technology and visitor relations organized around five universes. In the Rolling Shutter universe Soprofen has boosted the insulation of several of its products to offer energy savings that comply with the requirements of the 2012 Thermal Regulations. The Solar Protection universe features the innovation referred to above: the motorized projection of the rolling shutter to offer solar protection. In Garage Doors Soprofen is featuring a new door leaf integrated into the sectional door. Computer terminals will be available in the Services sector to try out the software that we have specially developed for our customers. Finally, in the Solutions for Homes universe Soprofen is offering ready to use accessories and a whole range of products dedicated to exterior fittings.

ECO-PTZ and financial assistance for energy saving projects: how relevant are these for doors and windows?

The Delta R defines the insulation of a rolling shutter. It takes into account air permeability and the insulating properties of the barrier. Soprofen shutters fitted with 37 mm PVC slats with seals, or 50 mm PVC slats or the new LA ISO 37 aluminium slat meet the thermal resistance requirements and are therefore eligible for the tax credit.

In a Positive Energy Building windows and doors are active components producing and regulating energy. What are the challenges and outlook for companies involved in windows and doors?

These questions lie at the heart of the concerns of the environment Grenelle [French environment initiative] and the energy challenges of tomorrow, Soprofen is working to develop solutions that will offer an effective response to the various demands of low consumption buildings. As genuine thermal shields, rolling shutters help to reduce the heating bill. They provide effective protection from cold in the winter and maintain the coolness of the dwelling in the summer. Thanks to the new motorized projection, summer comfort can be combined with allowing light and ventilation in. Added insulation against the cold, a better air seal, automatic mechanisms to obtain the benefit of solar input in winter and to provide protection from it in the summer, these are just some of the responses that Soprofen rolling shutters offer.
The BBC [low consumption building] label encourages the use of rolling shutters and solar protection, and with good reason. A shutter offers savings of up to 9% in winter heating and reduces the indoor temperature by 5° in summer (source: 2010 SNFPSA study in the Paris region on a ‘2005 TR type’ house). It is possible to improve on these values by installing motorized shutters, including a central control system and insolation sensors.

Interview by Bruno Poulard