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Profils Systemes

Christophe Derre

What is unique about Profils Systèmes, what is its speciality?

Innovation, always and all the time

Why are you at equipbaie métalexpo 2010? What is your aim in exhibiting?

We are at équipbaie 2010 in order to present our new products.

What is your product (innovation, headline product) for this show? Who is it aimed at?

Our new products are Satin Moon, a high energy performance casement frame, and Satin Road (frames for the new and renovation markets), as well as the high energy performance Cheneau rolling shutter (verandaa).

Given the regulations and deadlines laid down by the law, how are you overcoming the difficulties associated with the application of the new accessibility regulations?

We have adapted our casement and sliding seating elements to comply with the decree regarding accessibility for persons with restricted mobility whilst complying with the new DTU 35.5.

The 2012 Thermal Regulations are intended to promote the construction of low consumption buildings. How can the performance of glazed openings and buffer spaces exposed to the sun be optimized in order to improve compliance with the 2012 TR?

We have developed ranges designed to exploit solar input by having good Sw values, that encourage the passage of light by having narrow sections that give a good Tlw, whilst improving the frame’s insulation (Uw) by 25%.
We have also directed our development work for frames and verandas towards the integration of solar protection in order to exploit the free input in winter whilst enjoying good thermal comfort in the summer.
Interview by Bruno Poulard