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Fabrice Millet,
Directeur général

Why did you exhibit at the show?

We regularly exhibit at BATIMAT every other year but we have not been at équipbaie since 2002. We returned after we found that we weren’t reaching the same clientele as at BATIMAT. One does much more business with merchants and specifiers/architects at BATIMAT. At équipbaie, we are talking more to professionals, frame installers, who don’t necessarily come to two shows. It is very complementary for us in terms of clientele. We also had an innovation to present.

What innovation did you highlight?

In 2009 we won the bronze Batimat at BATIMAT and the special mention for energy efficiency. This year at équipbaie we won the gold medal in the Performance Awards for the M3D range, a system of fittings without any expanders, which allowed the expander and lock barrel cold bridge to be eliminated. The M3D range makes it possible to have interior finishing in aluminium or wood, with an exterior finishing in aluminium. There are two versions: one with double glazing and the other with triple glazing with an integrated blind, using the same basic section and with the same exterior finishing. It is also possible to mix all the configurations with a thermal performance that is the highest in today’s market, offering a Uw of 1.2 for the double glazing and 0.9 for the respirating glazing.

What won you this Performance Award?

Eco-design in particular. We have systematically worked on products that can be removed at the end of their lives. We are striving to increase the thermal performance whilst reducing the quantity of materials and therefore the grey energy, and to eliminate silicones and glues, which are fairly toxic substances that prevent easy recycling at the end of a product’s life. Our unique feature is a PDM (rubber seal) even for seals in the corners, that is in the cross-piece and upright assemblies.

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