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Marco Farina,
sales manager for France and French speaking countries

Could you tell what the Mecal group is all about?

Mecal is one of the leaders in the sector for machines for machining aluminium and PVC and produces a vast range of high level products that are used not just in the locks sector but by any company that needs to machine such materials. Through the services it offers its customers, the personalization of products and the maintenance provided over time by its qualified technicians who are kept constantly abreast of developments, Mecal has managed to successfully consolidate its position in both the Italian market and abroad.

Why are you at d’équipbaie métalexpo 2010? What is your aim in exhibiting?

We are a long-standing partner of the show. The goal for us is to train our staff in sales. The aim is also to build up a new customer base, to retain our existing customers and to present new products in order to obtain subsequent benefits. Exchanges with out competitors and discussions about the market with them are also important and something that équipbaie offers us.

Are you presenting innovations at équipbaie?

We are presenting a new range of digitally controlled machines. There will be two or indeed three new machines for the production of aluminium sections. They will be faster and more precise than their predecessors. However, we are waiting for the last moment before unveiling our innovations because we are still finalizing the last few details.

What changes will the 2012 Thermal Regulations cause or have they caused for Mecal and for fittings in general?

Our French office hasalready begun to talk to us about the changes that these will lead to in the French market. We know that it will be necessary to adapt our products and we are looking at future Mecal products in the light of the standards that the 2012 TR will impose. Mecal machines are very adaptable in terms of the ability to manufacture fittings that meet the new French regulations. Here we are waiting to have meetings at équipbaie to find out more about the decisions that we will need to take.

Interview by Bruno Poulard