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Ludovic Guillou ,
Commercial Development Manager

What sets the Maugin Group apart, what does it specialize in?

We manufacture PVC and aluminium frames, and 80% of our sales go to the renovation market. Our products are suitable for numerous installation solutions and help to improve the energy performance of buildings.

What is your objective in exhibiting at équipbaie métalexpo 2010?

First of all, we are taking part in this event in order to present out new products, which, this year, focus on a new range of PVC frames (70 mm range) as well as a range of PVC colours and the presentation of a new technology concept: the virtual show room. This innovative tool allows our products to be discovered in a fully 3D context. Finally, we will be presenting our new range of PVC and aluminium entry doors. We are also taking part in order to be able to welcome our customers in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

What innovative product is Maugin presenting at this show? Who is it aimed at?

Our headline project will be presented as a concept on our stand:
- Presentation of frames and various options via our 3D show room.
- Presentation of our digital order form for the transmission of orders.
- Revelation of our 70 mm PVC range and entry doors on our stand.
- The entire project will focus on ‘Eco Performance’.
These new products are aimed at the entire fittings profession.

The tax credit has been cut from 25 to 15% for glazed walls from the beginning of January 2010. Do you believe that the government has gone backwards, as the UFME (union of exterior fittings manufacturers) claims, or that this was inevitable?

The government has gone backwards. Construction is the lungs of France and the tax credit has a significant impact on our trade. At present we are not feeling a fall and in fact we are 4% ahead. We know that the effects of the tax credit impact on the second half, before the end of the civil year. We are confident and we have good prospects for the end of 2010 and for 2011.

Interview by Bruno Poulard