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Mr Richard,

Why are you exhibiting at équip’baie métalexpo 2010?

This show is a perfect match for our professional activity, and as a leader in the steel sections market we must be present at équipbaiemétalexpo, just as much as at Batimat.
The show’s role as an attractive product shop window provides us with the opportunity to present our innovations and the new products we are developing to the body of visitors as a whole and to architects in particular.

What is your objective in exhibiting?

Ahead of the show, we are working on two key targets, specifiers and our customers, who are metal working companies. We are using a press campaign to invite them to pay us a visit. To ensure consistency, we are saying absolutely the same things to these two targets, focusing very much on our new products, in order to get a uniform and consistent message across.
The same is true for the press

What is your headline product/innovation/project for this salon?

This year we are setting out to present a truly exceptional headline product, which is undoubtedly the most important concept at the show. This is the heated window. It’s a real revolution. Through its heated glazing, the window becomes a radiator and radiates a gentle, uniform heat throughout the home. It offers an energy saving of between 25 and 40%, over traditional heating, whilst eliminating conventional radiators…. that’s really clean energy

We have already tested this product in our steel conservatories and the results have been spectacular, given the fact that glazed areas are the source of the most significant losses.

We will also be presenting our ideas for photovoltaic façades to specifiers, and these, together with the heated window, will be the subject of two talks that KDI will be involved in at the show.

Who is it aimed at?

With the photovoltaic façade we are clearly aiming at customers and specifiers, whilst the heated window is directed both at specifiers (architects and design offices) and our traditional customers, the metal working companies, whilst also addressing the general public who, one must not forget, are becoming more and more active as specifiers.