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Benjamin Bonnard,
Marketing Director

Why did you exhibit at the show?

Our participation was primarily due to the fact that it is the reference show for the trades involved in windows and doors. The Franciaflex brand is also a reference for the industry and for us it is a duty to present the brand’s developments. This is all the more true given that over the last four years we have been developing a highly innovative approach that enabled us to launch new products at the previous show in 2008. This year we brought numerous new products in all the segments that we cover, including interior blinds, outdoor blinds, shutters and fittings.

What was there to see on your stand that was new this year?

We have repositioned the brand this year to focus on an overall approach to managing the energy performance of windows and doors. The brand identity has been completely revised and we have refocused the company on the energy consumption of windows and doors and the delivery of comfort. In concrete terms, this is reflected in the presentation of new ‘products’ that are no longer simply products but groups of products combining windows, roller shutters and blinds to give improved thermal performance in both summer and winter. All this is dictated by the thermal regulations, which require higher and higher levels of performance to be achieved in terms of insulation and energy management. By offering such all-encompassing systems we are getting ready to offer responses to future regulations.

Could you tell us more about the products that you showed?

One of our products won a Performance Award at équipbaie 2010. We have also developed a new home automation system known as Well'Com, which allows an entire home to be controlled via a very simple interface that can be accessed from any Internet platform (iPad, iPhone, PC, etc.). It can control roller shutters, sun shields, blinds, as well as heating systems, alarms, lighting, garage doors and so on. Developed in-house by Franciaflex, it is based on a communication protocol that allows the various elements to talk to each other. The protocol in question is Delta Dore’s X2D, which has the advantage of already being found in private homes. Five million French homes are already fitted with equipment using this protocol, mainly for heating and alarm systems, and this represents an enormous potential for us.

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