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Philippe Kalb,
marketing and communications manager

Could you tell us what is unique and different about Bubendorff?

Integration and a long-standing environmental approach. We design, develop and manufacture all of our products from A to Z, including our own motors. 100% of our shutters are made in France, which means that we can reduce pollutant-emitting transport whilst responding rapidly to every request. We have always had a strong environmental approach to our processes, which means that today we can state that Bubendorff rolling shutters allow 6.1 times the amount of CO2 to be saved as emitted over their entire life cycle and that they save 3.6 times as much energy as they consume over their whole life cycle. These figures are the result of a study that we carried out in partnership with the CEA (atomic energy commission) and the INES (national solar energy institute).

Why are you exhibiting at équipbaie?

In order to show new products resulting from our capacity for innovation (we currently have over 60 active patents).

What innovations will you be showing on your stand?

Come to the show... But we can say that there will be new products in ID range as well as a development of the concept that was presented at the Solar Decathlon last June in Madrid. Bubendorff was involved in a prototype house designed by the ENSAG (Grenoble Architectural College), which represented France in this competition. On the South and North fronts there was a unique and revolutionary new Bubendorff concept that contributed to the bioclimatic performance of the house: an independent rolling blind with slats that can be oriented and that is fitted with a drive powered by solar collectors.

What is your view of the tax credit?

Reducing the tax credit was inevitable because it is linked to the national budget deficit. The question is for how long…

Interview by Bruno Poulard