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Equipbaie is also discuss, exchange and share feedback on issues of your business

A conference program is organized to inform visitors over the latest legislation, new technical solutions and evolution of constructive practices.

The main topics treated will be:

• A cycle dedicated to the 2012 Thermal Regulations:

Lying at the heart of current concerns, the 2012 Thermal Regulations lay down a series of energy goals to be achieved in 2013 and it is therefore entirely appropriate for EquipBaie and Métalexpo to devote one lecture at the start of each day to them. The staging of this special cycle is an opportunity for both visitors and exhibitors to review the regulations and their impact on exterior joinery and fittings, their technical evolution and their implementation. On the programme:

> General presentation of the 2012 Thermal Regulations and the approaching deadlines for homes
> Air tightness and the qualification of surveyors: what requirements for what types of building? What impact for the fitting of joinery? How to become a surveyor?
> Calculation methods and software
> Thermal insulation, installation of large glazed areas… How are the properties of metal best suited to satisfying the 2012 Thermal Regulations?
> Glazed areas and the 2012 Thermal Regulations: type of building, location, geographical region, double or triple glazing… How to select the right characteristics of windows based on situation and the desired performance?
> The 2012 Thermal Regulations and solar protection (forming part of the half-day devoted to solar protection on 15th November).

• A cycle dedicated to Energy Savings Certificates:
> Presentation of the system, how it works and the report for its second period.
> Focus on the role of the window in energy performance: how to make the most of renovating outdoor frames and joinery with the ESC framework.
> Concrete example of a renovation project, with replacement windows partly financed by Energy Saving certificates.

• The Architecture lectures
A half-day will be devoted to presentations by renowned architects of outstanding projects in which the façade and/or the metal solutions used are particularly innovative and original.

• A round table on glass and glazing products
Beyond its thermal function, what are the other benefits of glass? How will the window evolve as glazing products become increasingly technical? What criteria should be used to choose the right solution for a specific project? A round table at the show led by experts will aim to answer these questions and to increase the attention paid to aspects of this multi-facetted material that at present tend to be overlooked.

• Other topical subjects being covered by the conference programme:

> Key methods and professional recommendations for the proper installation of windows in conjunction with External Thermal Insulation in new builds and renovation.

> “Recognized by the Grenelle de l’Environnement” label. In 2014, financial aid will be subject to the installer being qualified and holding the “Recognized by the Grenelle” label. How can one prepare for this? What approaches need to be followed to ensure customers can benefit from the tax incentives for their renovation work?

> Presentation of the Window Label: and “all materials” approach to quality

> High performance renovation: identifying the advantages of steel and exploiting them effectively.

The conference area on the show was carried out in partnership with AGC, exhibitor stand n°F34

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