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Jérôme Bou

Architecte chez Chabanne et Partenaires

Jérôme Bou will speak at 12 noon, 18th November to present the “Photovoltaic facing and metal grid for the new IUT in Béziers” project.

The façade is an essential element in the architectural treatment of a project. It is its ‘shop window’. The choice of the materials and the glazed surface that form it is therefore crucial. What’s more, the façade is a very interesting structure with which to respond effectively to the demands of sustainable development. The Béziers IUT is being given an ‘energy façade’, and is an example of this. Work has just begun and it has a very strong identity thanks two original façades. A north one, which is a ‘network façade’ faced with a fine metal grid that symbolizes the communication technologies taught at the IUT and a southern one, the ‘energy façade’, which is covered by 175 m2 of photovoltaic solar panels. This is the equivalent of a volleyball court and demonstrates the intention that the building should contribute towards sustainable development.
Given the new environmental regulations and our desire to innovate in this area, we need to learn about the latest new products in terms of their thermal, acoustic and solar protection performance… This show offers the opportunity for architects to discover new trends that will be useful in their day to day work of designing projects and bringing them to fruition.

L’IUT de Béziers : une façade « réseau » et une façade « énergie »
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