MB 2000 - BROCHAGE POUR LES PROFILES ALUMINIUM, A new solution for difficult preps on alu profiles

Stand D 35

Broaching is a well known technology for high precision machining of steel or cast iron parts. Machine cost is reasonable. A broach is a multi teeth tool, similar to a very long file. Its section is designed according to the shape to be machined. Its movement is linear, and the required shape is realized by removing very small shavings. Tooth pitch is small, for a noiseless machining. The MB 2000 is fast and cost effective.

MECAN'OUTIL has been supplying aluminium joinery with punch tools for nearly more than 30 years. Punching is a highly efficient and cost effective technology, used whenever technically possible. With the last thermal insulation requirements, recent profiles are using more sophisticated thermal break solutions, and punching is getting more and more difficult. It is often not possible to locate a strong enough die, in front of the punch. And thickness that need to be cut are sometimes just too big. Broaching key points: > Shape of cut: no constraints, possibility of sharp angles. If a deep cut is required, prep can be done in 2 or 3 steps > Material to be cut: any shape of extruded aluminium combined with any shape of polyamide thermal break. Benefits: each step requires a few seconds, change of die is a matter of minutes.

Broaching has not so far been used in aluminium joinery. It has some major benefits vs competitive technologies used when punch tools can not be used for technical reasons: 1/ End profile milling is fast, but its noise level is not accepted by H&S rules 2/ Copy routers are cheap but very slow, and labour costly 3/ CNC machines require a large investment, are slow, and are often not precise enough for end bar preps.

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