Stand E 31

TECHACOUSTIC® BY TECHNAL software, developed in partnership with GAMBA ACOUSTIQUE, estimates the acoustic performance of joinery systems according to a given configuration. It’s the only tool on the market able to ensure, whatever the composition, an evaluation accuracy to more or less 1 dB near, the equivalent of a laboratory test. Prime contractors get in a few clicks, the performance of their choice. This software also performs accurate modeling of complex sets and large dimensions solutions.

This software enables the accurate assessment of a window’s acoustic performance in a few clicks. Users begin by entering their choice of frame: they select the range, version (single or composite) and the type of opening. A "freestyle" option also enables them to create a bespoke joinery assembly according to their requirements. Users then specify the dimensions required and select their type of infill using the predefined glazing and panel database. Once these items have been entered, the software instantly provides the product's European Rw (C; Ctr) and American (STC) acoustic reduction indexes. It also plots the acoustic reduction curve for the whole of the frequency spectrum from 100 to 3,150 Hz. These results can be printed out in the form of a report and given to the customer. Simple and intuitive aid tool, this software ensures a quality of service and optimizes the choice of joinery products.

TECHACOUSTIC® BY TECHNAL is the only tool on the market that can provide an assessment to an accuracy of 1 dB of the acoustic performance of an aluminum carpentry. It optimizes the definition of a TECHNAL window to correspond to the acoustic regulations setting airborne sound insulation of DNTA , tr 30 dB minimum front .

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