MYPRICER, The first 100%WEB joinery App

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MyPricer is the first 100% web-based application software carpentry suppliers can provide to their craftspeople clients who don’t have specialised software. This application makes it easy to create accurate, sales-oriented quotes and place complete, precise orders with only an internet-enabled tablet, PC or smartphone. No more paper price lists! MyPricer is an excellent prospecting and customer service tool that saves time and money for manufacturers and their clients.

Today 30,000 craftspeople get materials directly from suppliers or distributors. The result? The supplier has to distribute many price lists, process quote requests, and manually enter orders with all the problems of using paper: time-consuming data capturing, data entry errors, incomplete orders, and more. These “hidden costs” can represent 8 to 12% of the order’s total value. MyPricer greatly reduces manufacturers’ hidden costs: Granting access is simple: with one click, the manufacturer can invite a client to create an account. After account creation, they can immediately access the application. With this web technology, suppliers can distribute large numbers of price lists and update them in real time at a lower cost. For users, the estimating tool is simple and intuitive, and doesn’t require them to install any software. The craftsperson can manage client files, create and modify quotes, and send orders to their manufacturer. The manufacturer receives precise and complete orders in PDF or XML format. With MyPricer, hidden costs now only make up 2% of the transaction value. Since MyPricer is hosted by ELCIA, there is no need to spend money on servers. ELCIA also handles application maintenance and administration, guaranteeing uninterrupted service, data security and confidentiality, and quick response times.

MyPricer uses ELCIA's new web configurator where product and price parameters are defined. Using this configurator, the craftsperson configures products with all the options their end customers need. ProDevis, ELCIA's best-selling software solution, uses this same configurator, which can also be sold to manufacturers and branded for use on their websites or in their ERP or CRM. This allows manufacturers a customized solution from any interface that is easy to maintain for customers and internal teams.

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