ALPAC PRECADRE, The solution to all window problems

Stand J 98

Alpac PRESYSTEM Roller shutter is the insulated window system for properly connecting the window frame to the wall, thus ensuring the continuity of the system, maximum thermal insulation and soundproof, air and water tightness and adjusting the level of permeability to moisture. PRESYSTEM Roller shutter is the integrated system specific for roller shutters, which comprises insulating lateral sides in extruded polystyrene (XPS) and fibre cement, a high-density box and insulated cover; it can be completed by an under sill panel with thermal break for full insulation of the four window sides..

PRESYSTEM Roller Shutter is highly efficient in terms of energy, in line with the most stringent regulatory requirements, such as RT 2012 and RT 2020. It ensures thermal insulation and energy saving, as it eliminates thermal bridges and helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling - in a building of 41 apartments, PRESYSTEM allows to get 6.8% Bbio value more than an energy-efficient building manufactured according to RT 2012 but with traditional boxes, and to save about 1,400 euro in building costs. Moreover, PRESYSTEM helps to soundproof the building, ensuring reduction levels compliant with the strictest standards and the most critical situations (e.g. hospitals, schools). PRESYSTEM comes in numerous variants, to suit the type of masonry and position of the window frame and is customized according to the specific needs of the individual building. It also has easier and faster fit - it arrives on site when required and ready for installation, which results in a saving of time and money for the construction company.

Alpac PRESYSTEM is unique because it represents an all-in-one trusted solution to manage all operations around the window opening. It guarantees high energy efficient window installation as it cuts all thermal bridges and nobodyelse is offering comparable thermal and acoustic performances. Moreover it is suitable with French rules and tailor made on the basis of each single project, while other solutions cannot adapt to the project.

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