CHRONO PSE2, High performance polystyrene bay-block box

Stand N 61

The Chrono PSE combines the advantages of the best bay-blocks with tunnel shutterboxes. Intended for the TIE orTII, it exists with interior and exterior accessibility. Manufactured in PSE for a high insulation performance (Uc up to 0.3Wm2K*), equipped with an excellent inertia, it is available with reinforced phonic insulation. A Upvc profile ensures continuous watertight sealing. It integrates rollerblinds or a BSO sunblocker up to 4m wide and remains invisible from both inside and outside.

Discreet ( it is invisible from both the inside and outside), the Chrono PSE2 is available for shutterboxes of 300 and 360mm or with fiber cement plating and is suitable for TIE, TII, single and double walls. Multifunctional, it can integrate a rollershutter or a BSO sunblocker of up to 4m wide while enabling the same positioning of the window in the frame, thus facilitating a combination of products. Novelty : access to the shutter is facilitated by a 123mm hatch on the exterior version and a double hatch on the interior version. The box and the side pieces are on PSE, ensuring optimal thermal insulation with a Uc of up to 0.3W.m2K*. Large widths are feasible thanks to the system of patented reinforced inertia, the steel straps integrated in the boxed frame fix the upper bar of the window directly to the brickwork. The shutterbox reaches up to C4** in air permeability making this solution the best adapted to the most demanding sites.
*Bisco softare **Internal Test

The Chrono PSE enables easy access to the laths : with an interior hatch, the box enables a double access of 73cm on the outside and 76cm on the inside. With an exterior hatch, an access of 123cm is available. The inertia of the shutterbox is ensured by a patented reinforced system combining a steel adapter, metal reinforcement in the warm zone (version interior hatch) and hatches. The fixing of upper bars under the ceiling slab is possible with steel straps integrated into the shutterbox.

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