KIT DE MOTORISATION WELL’COM, The most versatile solution to upgrade shutters

Stand J 24

The Well’com® motorization kit allows to upgrade any existing roller shutter without prior measurements. Its telescopic shaft and its accessories have been designed for maximum versatility on site. Delivered in short time in a very convenient compact package, it is compatible with window or patio door, in an axle 60 or 40mm. The shutter, modernized with the Well’com® kit, is ready for every feature of Well’com® smart home.

Through a set of practical brackets, the Well'com® motorization kit fits every type of shutters: built-in or built-on roller shutters, as well as shutters with window. The kit is available in a window version within an axle of 60 or 40mm (L max 1700mm), and in a French door version within an axle of 60mm (L max 2500). Its graduated telescopic shaft (patented system) fits the dimensions of the current box: no need to calculate. Well’com® also offers all the advantages of a connected radio control and makes all adjustments easier. Available in short time or held in stock by the installer, 3 references are enough for any kind of worksites, without previous reconnaissance. In its compact package with clear and detailed instructions, Well’com® motorization kit covers a maximum of needs, with a minimum of storage.

The Well’com® motorization kit innovates with its versatility and simplicity of implementation. It is compatible with every type of boxes: built-on aluminium box, built-in ‘tunnel’ or wooden box, and even windows‘ integrated box. The patented graduation concept of the axle facilitates the adaptation to existing dimensions. For an ultimate comfort, a specific bracket allows easy installation by clipping in the cheeks. Another universal bracket fits the integrated box.

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