GAMME WALLIS & OUTDOOR, Trapezoid shaped bio-climatic pergola system

Stand F 24

The Wallis&Outdoor range is a bio-climatic pergola system which allows pergolas to be built in triangular, rectangular and trapezoid shapes. It gives solar protection in summer, with slatted movable sun-blinds. In winter it allows light and solar warmth to enter. The system of slats placed on the edge of the aluminium profile provides excellent water resistance thanks to the compression of the slats on a peripheral joint on the guttering.

The Wallis&Outdoor range of bio-climatic pergolas provides two types of slats: plain slats or tubular slats which allow pergolas dimensioned at 7000mm x 4500mm. Posts with invisible fixings drain away water from guttering. The guttering design allows posts to be placed at points best suited to the pergola’s form and situation. In this way the post does not have to be within the angle of the pergola. The slat system, which compresses a peripheral joint onto the guttering, is watertight. The Wallis&Outdoor system passed safety tests at the CSTB wind-tunnel in Nantes (report EN-CAPE 15.200C-V1) during trials for mainland France and for French overseas departments and territories. The system remained watertight during rainfall of 170 mm/h and resisted cyclone conditions (winds of 238 km/h) while remaining manoeuvrable. A patented system of slat fixation allows pergolas to be built in triangular or trapezoid form, with slat orientation adaptable to the best positions for these shapes.

The Wallis&Outdoor pergola is innovative because it permits pergolas to be built in special shapes while remaining completely watertight. The system allows sunblind slats to be moved at angles up to 45°. The form of the slats and their control system make this possible, combined with a patented articulated slat. The movable slat system is fixed into the guttering by means of an integrated slot and is held with screws.

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