SERIE 713, Casement joinery range

Stand F 24

Series 713 is a casement joinery range (opening inwards or outwards) with a 70mm module equipped with progressive thermal protection (three performance levels). This system can provide either concealed handles or visible handles with elegant lines, thanks to its reduced aluminium sections. The Taïga ranges includes innovative, outward-opening frames which combine top-hung hopper opening with casement opening.

Series 713 offers a casement joinery range with progressive high thermal protection. For a single-leaf window with double glazing rated Uw = 1,3 W/m²°c the U-values are Ug= 1,1 W/m²°c with Sw = 0,51. For triple-glazing rated Ug = 0,5 W/m²°C the U-values are 0,8 W/m²°c with an Sw of 0,45. Sound attenuation can reach an RAtr of 41 dBA. The system offers three types of thermal shielding which allow progressive high thermal protection values to meet the varying needs of the final user. The joinery comes with the choice of mitred or right-angled assembly, both on fixed frame segments and on opening framework. The right-angled opening bars are produced by a new patented system which reduces machining and thus facilitates bi-coloration. The external opening frames offer the advantage of new, original fittings which combine outward casement opening with hopper opening. Series 713 comes in two Design: Factory Spirit versions with spare, sober lines and a sleek finish.

On interior opening sections, Series 713 offers a right-angled assembly system which reduces profile size. The originality here is a glazing bead which makes the frame perfectly watertight with excellent closing and reduces machining. On external opening sections, new fittings allow outward casement opening along with top-hung hopper opening to assist ventilation. These new fittings also permit several fastening points along the frame, giving the window excellent water-resistance.

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