COVER, New plug-in of calculation of the U of sunrooms and facades

Stand C 50

It is now possible in the software "Cover" to make a calculation of thermal performance of every sunroom (Us in W/m²K) or curtain wall (Ucw in W / m²K) with just one simple clic. The result is obtained by +/- 20 minutes. A full report describes each part of the calculation. The Method is based on European standards: EN 673, EN 6946, EN ISO 10211, EN ISO 10077-2 and EN ISO 12631.

The tool consists in a PLUGIN integrated in the three-dimensional design software "Cover" for sunroom and curtain wall. The software calculates on the fly Ug / Up of the fillings thanks to their composition, their emissivity, their slope and their internal gas (calculation certified EN 673 Annex B). Psi values are calculated on the fly by a finite element SOLVER (certified EN ISO 10211 Annex A and EN ISO 10077-2 March 2013 Appendix D). The calculation of the heat transfer coefficient is based on the "single evaluation method" described in standard EN ISO 12631. The result is obtained in less than 30 minutes and is accessible to any user of the software. Thanks to its "automatic calculation", no special knowledge of thermal theory is required. Therefore, any conservatory will now be accompanied by a report approving its thermal performance thus validating the regulatory limitation of U < 2.5 W / sqm K!

ACCESSIBILITY: All user of the software can easily calculate the thermal performance of a sunroom. The technical data are introduced upstream by the providers, the user does not need to be a thermicien to make a sale ! SPEED: Result by +/- 20 minutes. REGULATORY: All conservatory installed in France must comply with the regulatory limit of U < 2.5 W/sqm K recently adopted. Only a tool like this, scrupulously respecting each standard is able to provide this value at lower cost and in record time.

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