SMART IN GLASS, Connected Glazing

Stand D 23

Vitrum Glass offers IOT solution "Smart in Glass " to make intelligent and connected technological glass products (heating glass, clouding glass, migration ... ). Their integration is facilitated by plug & play compatible with 90% of the existing profiles on the market and 90% of existing home automation (API will be provided to the market). “Smart in Glass” collects uses in big data to provide services (security, energy efficiency etc ...) to users.

Today the windows and generally glazing (windows, verandas...) remain the weak link in the energy performance of buildings. Tomorrow, with Smart in Glass® smart windows, equipped with technology glazing (heating, opaquing, LED ...) will be connected. Window glazing can provide safety, comfort and energy savings. They become an important element of the connected home. Smart in Glass® provides data gathered at various connected devices and causes interactions (ex : intelligent thermal control and optimization of the energy performance of heating glazing, predictive services (uses and weather), sensors (presence, temperature, vibration, opening / closing ...). Connected glazing will revolutionize architecture and will create new uses to answer to intelligent buildings and RT2020 challenges (energy mix: photovoltaic + connected glazing + storage battery (Tesla)).

Solution IOT (Internet of Things) offering connected glazing, real disruptive innovation with current practice, for Smart Home, Smart Office and Smart building. Smart in Glass is available on BIM solution.

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