RAY-NC, The next generation of Non-Contact Edges

Stand L 85

RAY-NC is the next generation of Non-Contact Safety Edges. Due to its smart, self-adjusting software RAY-NC adapts to its environment making it work independently from the door design. The sensor reliably detects every type of reflection and will be EC type test approved shortly, which allows retrofitting to any door. It is user friendly and easy to install since it is resistant against vibration and misalignment.

RAY-NC features two sensors that are installed on opposite corners of an automatic door. If IR light beam between them is interrupted, a warning signal is sent to control unit to stop the motion of the door to avoid a collision. In RAY-NC, a software algorithm differentiates between transmitted and reflected light. This minimizes the chance of a failure to recognize an obstacle, which can happen in conventional systems. New intelligent sensor approach uses a broader IR light beam (±10°, compared with ± 5° in conventional systems), foregoing critical alignment of transmitter and making system more tolerant to shocks and vibrations. RAY-NC modules extend below the lower edge of a vertical-moving door while it is open, and retract into protective housings when it is closed. Operating range is 9 meters, enough for most wide commercial and industrial doors. RAY-NC is suitable for outdoor use: all components have a protection rating of IP65 and an operating temperature range of -20 to 55⁰C.

RAY-NC uses a software algorithm that can filter out reflected IR signal that could cause the door not to stop and hit the obstacle. Such algorithm allows for a broader IR beam to be employed, hence the system is more resistant to shocks, flexing of the door and does not require precise alignment. Contactless system avoids the need to perform the maximum permissible force test on the door. Its EC type test approval allows RAY-NC to be retrofitted to any door without further certification.

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