DUERO, The thermal insulation PVC+ALL roller shutter

Stand R 14

DUERO is a bi-component roller shutter slat, made by an aluminum profile filled with polyurethane foam that couples with a PVC profile. The connection system between the two faces of the slat interrupts the thermal conductivity of metal, performing thus an break of the thermal transmittance between the internal environment and the external one. The use of this roller shutter helps to the reduce energy demand for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

DUERO roller shutter slat is formed by coupling two sections made of different materials, the PVC profile and the aluminum profile, filled with insulating foam. The coupling system between the two faces of the slat stops the thermal conductivity of the metal. Thus, thanks to the aluminum, placed outside, and to the PVC, placed inside, the slate creates a break in the transmission of the heat between the outside and inside of a dwelling. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum element is interrupted at the connection points with the PVC profile. We have, therefore, a roller shutter that creates an interruption of the "thermal bridge" of the facade, which significantly reduces the coefficient of the thermal transmission. The value of the validated additional thermal resistance ΔRsh is 0.207 m2K/W. Therefore, thanks to its ability to provide superior thermal insulation, the main advantage of this product is to reduce the waste of resources and energy.

The use of metal (aluminum or steel) or PVC for the manufacture of the roller shutter slates is widely used on the market. Nevertheless, these materials present limitations related to thermal insulation (especially metals) and strength (for PVC). The difference between DUERO and a traditional roller shutter consists of the bi-component structure of the profile, PVC and aluminum, providing thermal insulation and mechanical strength at the same time.

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