ARIALUCE, The large hole roller shutter

Stand R 14

Arialuce is an aluminum roller shutter slat, polyurethane foam insulated, modified to increase the amount of light and ventilation inside the room. Its main feature is the wide hole located in the slat’s hook, which allows, even when the shutter is closed, a superior ventilation and lighting of the room compared to those provided by the traditional roller shutters.

The roller shutter slat Arialuce is made of aluminum filled with polyurethane foam. It is characterized by the dimension of the holes (H 5.5 mm, W 180 mm or 90 m), larger than the traditional ones, which allow, even in closed shutter position, the easy air recycling inside the house and, at the same time, the entry of sunlight. Maintaining the rooms ventilated and lighted is essential to avoid the formation of fungal microorganisms, which can cause respiratory diseases, allergies or chemical sensitivity. But the fast rhythm of modern life does not allow us, for safety reasons, to leave the windows or shutters open to ensure adequate ventilation and light in our homes. If the traditional roller shutter that guarantees protection and insulation, involves total closing and obscuration, Arialuce, in the down position but with open holes, allows also a suitable ventilation and the entrance of sunlight.

This product differs from other similar products existing on the market by the significant size of the holes in his hook. Their dimensions are 2.5 mm height and 180 mm or 90 mm wide, while the traditional roller shutters have holes of inferior measures (2 mm height, 17 mm width). Thanks to this structural feature of the slat, the Arialuce roller shutter offers benefits related to people’s comfort and health.

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