STORBOX 2.0, Roller shutter box with top performances

Stand H74

Storbox 2.0 is a roller shutter box with a new design for new built and for renovation. Thanks to a reinforced thermal insulation, this device reaches exceptional thermal (Uc 1,0), acoustic (>45 dB) and airflow resistance (C4) performances. It is compatible with every type of windows, PVC, wood and also aluminum. Fully flexible, Storbox 2.0 is available in more than 60 colors: mass, foiled and coated finishing.

Storbox 2.0 roller shutter box is fully flexible. The manufacturing and assembling technology is unique. It only needs 8 pieces, instead of 24 usually. NO screws NOR silicone are necessary for the assembly. A circumferential seal is integrated to the device. The finishing touch and the tightness are perfect. The access to the box is simple thanks to the manhole cover. The performances are excellent : the thermal coefficient Uc varies from 0.8 to 1.2 following chosen configurations; the air resistance data is C4 whatever the type of handling (windlass, motor and strap); the acoustic data is exceeding 45 dB. Two box heights are available, 220 and 190 mm, for a same 240 mm depth, without steel reinforcement, which can reach a 3000 mm length. This device gets a technical advice.

Storbox 2.0 is the first roller shutter box which can be assembled without any screws or silicone. It needs 3 times less time than usual common assembling needed time. This allows a significant saving. This new box gets the best air resistance classification for every type of boxes and configurations. It belongs to any windows materials, PVC, wood and also aluminum.

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