SOLTIS 88, The perfect balance between shading and light

Stand N 26

Soltis 88 is a high performance membrane. It is made from a strucutre in polyester and PVC coating. It is microperforated membrane for several applications in the solar protection field: external as well as internal.

Soltis 88 improves dramatically the energy performance of the buildings and ensures a perfect comfort in terms of temperature and glare control. The material is flame retardaTnt and Greenguard Gold certified. Sotlis 88 is 100% recyclable through Texyloop. Soltis 88 has an innovative aspect due to the regularity and optimised openness of its weave. This gives a cosy aspect to the screen and allies perfectly transparency and design for internal and external applications. The uniform transparency does not disturb the view through the material.

The support material is made out of high quality polyester cables which are manufactured by the Serge Ferrari group. The fabrication process follows the Précontraint technology which keeps the composite under tension throughout the whole manufacturing cycle. This special technique gives special technical advantages to the fabric concerning its performance and longevity. The material is highly UV resistant.

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