ELEANCE BIO SOLAIRE, Bioclimatic pergola

Stand K 91

Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire is ELEANCE bio design pergola equipped with a system to capture solar energy to produce electricity for its operation. Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire pergola is an autonomous energy.

Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire has the advantage of settling everywhere without constraint. It is equipped with solar panel ultra-thin and perfectly adapted to the blades. The number varies according to the energy requirement. A controller / charger supplies a range of batteries, housed in one of the posts of the pergola. The stored electricity can thus feed the central controls. Performance varies depending on the number of panels but also exposure, geographical location and season. It can thus range from 1 to more than 6 hours of continuous lighting by week.

Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire is distinguished by its characteristic to be energy self-sufficient. It further simplifies the procedure of installation by the fact that there is no electrical connection to predict.

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