CAPTIVE, The safety edge that never touches you

Stand L 54

CAPTIVE is a radio safety solution for doors and gates featuring NO-TOUCH technology. 3 in 1 safety edge CAPTIVE is a double obstacle detector NO-TOUCH wireless transmission with the latest technology of the RADIOBAND 3G. Quick installation and easy to program offers an excellent protection to people and conductive obstacles. It is ideal for manufacturers and installers of sliding gates, roller shutters and sectional doors, for both industrial use and residential applications.

CAPTIVE is the unique NO-TOUCH safety system with safety edge which complies with the current regulations. CAPTIVE works on the basis of a dual-contact cable detection (NC) coupled with a NO-TOUCH system using the same cable conductor to detect all elements (people, vehicles, …). Non-conductive objects are detected by the classic mechanical cable. Sensitivity detection is adjustable and inhibition of the NO-TOUCH system is planned in order not to detect the structure of the portal when the gate is going to be totally closed. The information is transmitted by RADIOBAND 3G wireless technology also integrated in the safety edge electronics. NO-TOUCH detection only works during the movement of the door.

CAPTIVE system is innovative because it is the unique radio safety edge with a NO-TOUCH system. With the NO-TOUCH function, JCM improves the current safety edge features in the following aspects: CAPTIVE avoids damaging the gate, door or people because there is no collision. The motor does not suffer brusque door inversions allowing for a longer life for doors and gates. Vehicles do not touch the door or gate. Potential repair expenses can be avoided. Gates can work faster.

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