GIRO, The new control system

Stand H 73

GIRO is the new remote control series exclusively signed by Cherubini, which meets Italian design to create a new way of thinking, using and living the solar protection devices. GIRO is more than style: the real surprise is the rotating extremity of the remote control, an element that revolutionizes the way we manage blinds and awnings. The device embodies the excellence of Cherubini in an elegant object with an innovative use.

Designed to be held with one or both hands, GIRO reveals better its character when it’s in horizontal position. Available in 4 versions, 2 multichannel (7+1), GIRO Plus and GIRO P-Lux, and 2 one-channel, GIRO and GIRO Lux. By a simple soft twist GIRO controls the 7 channels, both individually or all together through the global channel. The LUX function allows you to program movements of awnings, in order to calibrate them depending on the wind and the light detected by anemometer. The curved numeric display follows the lines of the remote control and indicates by the white high brightness LED the selected channels. The remote control is available in three sophisticated shades, light warm grey, blue and burgundy, to match harmoniously the interior and become an integral part of the home furnishing. Programming keys are in a safe place, protected by the battery compartment cover.

The first innovative characteristic of GIRO is the way of operating: by rotation of a part of the remote control, as suggested by the name and the shape of the product. This rotation movement, more natural than pressing a key, gives a different taste to the daily gesture of using a remote control. The other innovation is the presence of dedicated programming keys, which remain protected in the batteries compartment. This prevents any unmeant operation by the user.

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