SMART & SMOOTH RS100 IO, Connected motor for smart roller shutters

Stand H 23

With S&SO RS100, Somfy innovates with the first smart & smooth tubular motor reinventing the rolling shutter movement. Somfy sets a new benchmark in terms of visible quality, acoustic comfort, reliability and traceability. The rolling shutter motorized with S&SO RS100 is connected & controlled via a Smartphone, tablet & computer.

The connected rolling shutter motorized with S&SO RS100 gives a feeling of well-being at home, thanks to the mastered smooth movement; movement is totally controlled, coming to a gentle stop to protect the rolling shutter. The two-speed motor allows to adapt the movement of the shutters to suit users' preferences. Indeed, the S&SO RS100 motorized shutter provides enhanced acoustic comfort in the house. In "discreet mode" the rolling shutter is silent. The connected shutter by Somfy can be controlled at home & away thanks to TaHoma or Connexoon allowing scenarios implementation via a simple and user-friendly interface. For instance, the departure scenario enable the closure & turn-off all connected equipements. Finally, the motor contributes to home security by closing strongly the rolling shutter. The S&SO RS100 motor is fitted with a frost and obstacle detection.

Connected, S&SO RS100 motor is adapted to the assembler's manufacturing process & traceability requirements.The first Plug & Play wireless motor has an automatic detection of the rotation direction. More than a motor, a complete eco-system: Smart&Smooth Operator combines the best of Somfy's innovation, for greater productivity during integration and installation, more custom-made solutions, a superior maintenance service and greater comfort for the inhabitants.

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