GREENWINDOW, Wood and metal window: hidden wood interior frame

Stand P 104

GREENWINDOW is an innovative mixed material window, which combines the advantages of traditional mixed windows and aluminum windows. It is an aluminum type window with a hidden wood frame. The aluminum exterior frame is the last generation cutting edge in thermal breaks. GREENWINDOW affirms its wooden character as seen from the inside : the interior frame is wood, and in closing hides behind the exterior aluminum frame. A clipped-on wood joint cover completes the warmth of the wooden interior.

A mixed material window in aluminum and wood. It stands out from traditional mixed aluminum/wood windows by the fabrication process and combination of "associated" rather than "melded" materials. Aesthetic qualities: narrow, contemporary lines, broad choice of colors and configurations. Differentiated exterior and interior finishes possible. A sustainable development philosophy demonstrated by: a simple, fast and efficient fabrication process, facilitated by straight angles and simplified metal cutting . A decentralised production and commercial approach. Optimised window: optimal use of materials. High quality products using 20 % less material than in traditional mixed windows. Optimized embodied energy. GREENWINDOW accumulates the best performance rating in each framework category. Highest level in energy performance : - Uw = 1,3 à 0,8 – TLw = 0,8 – Sw = 0,45 - AEV = A*4 – E*9A – V*C3.

The first innovation, appearance of solid wood inside by designing an aluminum window with a hidden wood frame: aluminum exterior frame with a clipped-on-wood joint, interior frame is wood with double strength tefanyl glazing bead, preventing contact with exterior elements. It greatly facilitates fabrication allowing, with little investment and knowledge in wood technology, access to a large number of new providers. This will allow developing the mixed window market toward a mid-level demand.

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