AMBIAL, Multi-space folding door

Stand E 31

The new folding door AMBIAL® offers wide openings. Dedicated to establishments receiving public, it allows extension of a restaurant or coffee room on a terrace, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. Its large XXL dimensions, its numerous applications, its elegant design which is now officially registered and its improved thermal performance make it an ideal partner for projects.

AMBIAL® design has been registered. Finishings have been designed down to the smallest details to offer an elegant door both in closed and open positions: flush profiles, thin and well-balanced visible parts, concealed hardware. With its 75 mm module integrating glazed sections of up to 52 mm, the door's performance can reach a Uw coefficient of Uw = 0,95 W/m².K with Ug = 0,5 W/m².K (5 leavesL 6 m x H 3 m). Air performance: Class 3 Water: Class 8A Wind: Class C3. The multi-spaces folding door AMBIAL® is distinguished by its large dimensions up to 12 meters long by integrating up to 10 leaves, with a maximum of 3 m height and 1.2 m width each. Each leaf can carry a load up to 150 kg. AMBIAL® offers a variety of configurations to adapt to all types of needs: opening from the center or from one side, towards the exterior or the interior.

Design is at the user's service with ergonomic handles. Hardware (hinges, rollers...) is concealed by the black covers covers for a greater finish when the door is open. Manufacturing is made easier because each hardware item comes with its cover. Manufacturers and installers save valuable time on site. Profiles and accessories are reversible and allow openings towards the interior or exterior.

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