VEKA SPECTRAL, The "velvet" touch

Stand H 62

VEKA SPECTRAL is a new technology of PVC profiles colouring combining lamination and lacquering. Its innovation is the soft-touch with a velvet effect. This new technology gives a new dimension to the window: the PVC window is not only efficient and aesthetic but also nice to touch.

VEKA SPECTRAL is a lacquered lamination foil giving unique visual rendering and touch. It is characterized by the high stability of its colour and its texture against the UV irradiation and its superior chemical and mechanic resistance (cleaning agents, pollution, chemicals, impacts, stripes). It also offers an exceptional resistance in extreme weather conditions (high temperature, humidity and irradiation). Even for dark colours, profiles with VEKA SPECTRAL benefit from lower heat absorption, and therefore reduced effects of dilatation. VEKA SPECTRAL does not affect thermic, acoustic and mechanical performance of PVC window. Furthermore, PVC profiles covered with VEKA SPECTRAL foil are manufactured like standard laminated profiles regarding both welding and deburring, without any additional investment from windows manufacturers.

VEKA SPECTRAL is notable by its design. It offers new aesthetics to PVC profiles surfaces thanks to diverse material effects: ultra-matt, metallic, ultra-glossy ... with this unique "velvet" touch.

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