FENETRE AM-X, Inovation and simplicity

Stand H 61

AM-X is an hybrid window which combines specific qualities of each material used, rather than seeing them as opposites. AM-X offers multiple attractive solutions, while remaining upon a single technical base, without additional complexity. For the first time, aesthetical choices are disconnected from technical requirements.

AM-X is based on a concept of concealed opening. The frame consists of an external aluminum cheek which brings durability and various colors, structurally related to a PVC body which gives thermal insulation, precision welding, and therefore superior sealing. The opening is provided with double glazing with structural bonding, which ensures rigidity and high strength joining system. According to the interior design, it is made in PVC for white atmosphere, Aluminum-PVC for colors, or wood-PVC for a wood ambiance. These internal finishes are made with total stability of shape, masses and performance in a single technical environment (installation, cladding, hardware…). AM-X combines the elegance of aluminum shapes with the performance of PVC. Technical data for a double module window with a 28mm double glazing Ug 1.1: Uw 1.3 to Uw 1.1 with options. Tlw 59%. Scw 0,47. AEV : A*4/E*9A/V*A2.

The major innovation lies in combining objectives usually achieved with different range of products, in ONE UNIQUE PRODUCT. High level performance, consistency of external appearance, wide choice of internal design: white, color, wood. Technical characteristics simplifies all the steps of the business: display, choice, sales, orders, installation, and final settings onsite.

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