CLAIREA 75, Tall 4 leaves aluminium sliding hidden opening

Stand L 24

This sliding ClairéA 75 Great Height Opening Hidden is an innovative version of our traditional sliding, integrating three major advantages: big dimensional possibilities until 2.8m of height, a feasibility in tri-rails up to 6 leaves, a system of opening hidden allied to a fineness of the vertical profiles and the baffle allowing a optimized glazing.

The thermal performances are Uw = 1.4 W/(m ². K), Ug = 1.0 W/(m ². K), Sw = 0.52, Tlw = 0.61 and the performances Air Water Wind: A*4 E*6B V*B2. There is a permeability in the air strengthened: A*4 of base. The glazed part represents 95 % of the assembled product. The maximum weight by opening is from 80 to 200 kg. It is a manufacturing of custom-made sliding for the new and the renovation building.

It combines unique only criteria: a great height until 2.8m, an Opening Hidden with only 5 % of aluminum, an embedded threshold, a light of optimal glazing (95 % of glazed surface), and the possibility to have from 4 to 6 leaves for a maximum width of 6m.

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