SIKASIL AS-66, Ultra-fast silicone structural adhesive by gun

Stand K 101

Sikasil AS-66 is an accelerated 1-component neutral silicone adhesive used as window bonding adhesive and for other applications where superior resistance to UV radiation, weathering and high temperatures is required. It cures very quickly independent of climate and delivers unmatched performance for applications that require a fast turnaround time.

Sikasil AS-66 is designed for Powercure. Its main characteristics are: accelerated adhesive system for save curing also for deeper joints, an outstanding UV and weathering resistance, an excellent adhesion to most relevant substrates, good gap-filling capabilities, a long-term durability. It's made for Sika Powercure System and requires the PowerCure dispenser for an easy and fast application. This system offer a versatile and ergonomic system for a low financial investment unlike the purchase of a pump.

The PowerCure system provides the precision and performance of a high-end pump system for smaller sealing and bonding applications. PowerCure is the ideal solution for areas that are difficult to reach with a pump, and the ideal work companion for assembly bonding jobs requiring fast curing speed. The system makes fast and economic small-scale window assembly possible in cases where pump equipment for two-component adhesives is not financially justified or where work and storage space is limited.

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