CONCEPT MIROIR, Aluminium front doors

Stand K 66

With CAIB, the mirror lays siege to the world of the front door! Resolutely decorative and contemporary, these new doors combine aluminium, mirrors, inserts and glass. This alliance of bright and reflective materials opens a vast field of creative offers, perfectly in tune with current decorative trends, both outside and inside the house. These new doors are divided into 3 families:
* Fully glazed doors with mirror motifs
* One-piece doors with large aluminium décor outside and mirror option inside
* One-piece doors with mirror-effect inserts.

[FULLY GLAZED DOORS WITH MIRROR MOTIFS] These doors create a play of light between the transparency of the glazing and the mirror reflections on the outside of the door. These mirror motifs visible on the glazed surface are produced by means of a technique of varnishing on the glass (being triple glazing, the treatment is applied on the middle pane of glass), giving a real mirror effect. These doors guarantee very high security with their aminated triple glazing with break-in retarder (thickness: 48.4 mm, composition: 4.6FE/14/4/16/4FE with Argon and Warm Edge).
[ONE-PIECE DOORS WITH MIRROR-EFFECT INSERTS OUTSIDE + PLINTH OPTION] In a simplified style, mirror-effect inlays provide reflections and brilliance for a modern and streamlined look. On certain models, a plinth made up of 5 mirror-effect inserts (optional) give further character to the front door.
[ONE-PIECE DOORS WITH LARGE ALUMINIUM DÉCOR OUTSIDE AND MIRROR OPTION INSIDE] These one-piece, aluminium doors have large decorative inserts with brushed aluminium faces on the outside and, on the inside, offer a mirror face over the height of the door, thus combining utility with good looks. The one-piece doors have a 72 mm thick opening leaf, consisting of 2 panels of 2-mm aluminium and a 69-mm insulating core. The aluminium front doors exhibit thermal performances amongst the highest in their category: coefficient Ud = 1.4 W/m².K for the glazed doors, coefficient Ud up to 1.0 for the one-piece doors.

* Aesthetically innovative => our objective is to exercise our creativity and offer the consumer a decidedly decorative range of front doors, given that the door has taken on a truly decorative role in our houses (both to add a personal dimension to our façades and to harmonise with our interior décor). Our innovation is to have seen how to integrate the mirror (a recognised and timeless decorative element) in our range of aluminium front doors. * Technically innovative => the decorative concept of the mirror is exemplified in our 2 families of doors: the one-piece, aluminium doors and the fully glazed aluminium doors. The realisation of this idea required the investigation of technical solutions (mirror varnishing on glass, gluing of the mirror to an aluminium backing panel and more).

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