The 2016 Participants

  • KANADA FD VISION, Sliding folding door

    Stand E 17

    KANADA FD folding sliding door allows large openings. In his angle version, the retractable pole to open space without visual break. This opening method combines the advantages of the operation of a sliding door to those energy performance of a window and those of security gateways. It finds its place in all new projects and renovation in individual and collective residential or commercial (restaurant).

    The leaves of the folding sliding door KANADA FD can be up to 2900mm high and a maximum width of 1200mm. It adapts to the most varied projects Opening: 3, 4, 5, 6 panels and the corner version without intermediate post with 2, 3 or 4 panels on each side. All the panels are equipped with a 11mm peripheral seal thereby providing a uniform appearance to the assembly. Its technical characteristics and its ability to take up to 57mm glazing enable it to obtain excellent energy performance: Uw up to 1W / m².K; airtightness A * 4. To ensure flexible and sustainable maneuver the folding sliding door KANADA FD is equipped with rails, wheels, axis of rotation and stainless steel handles. To facilitate the transition and in accordance with the requirements of the standard PMR it offers the possibility to embed the rail down into the ground. Security is enhanced with multi closures falling hooks.

    The innovation of the sliding folding door KANADA FD is its ability to offer an opening angle with retractable corner post to open the living space to the outside without visual break. Its innovative aspect is reinforced by its technical characteristics that achieve an easier maneuver to joinery a sliding door, also sealed a knock on window and reassuring as a gateway.

  • CONCEPT MIROIR, Aluminium front doors

    By: CAIB
    Stand K 66

    With CAIB, the mirror lays siege to the world of the front door! Resolutely decorative and contemporary, these new doors combine aluminium, mirrors, inserts and glass. This alliance of bright and reflective materials opens a vast field of creative offers, perfectly in tune with current decorative trends, both outside and inside the house. These new doors are divided into 3 families:
    * Fully glazed doors with mirror motifs
    * One-piece doors with large aluminium décor outside and mirror option inside
    * One-piece doors with mirror-effect inserts.

    [FULLY GLAZED DOORS WITH MIRROR MOTIFS] These doors create a play of light between the transparency of the glazing and the mirror reflections on the outside of the door. These mirror motifs visible on the glazed surface are produced by means of a technique of varnishing on the glass (being triple glazing, the treatment is applied on the middle pane of glass), giving a real mirror effect. These doors guarantee very high security with their aminated triple glazing with break-in retarder (thickness: 48.4 mm, composition: 4.6FE/14/4/16/4FE with Argon and Warm Edge).
    [ONE-PIECE DOORS WITH MIRROR-EFFECT INSERTS OUTSIDE + PLINTH OPTION] In a simplified style, mirror-effect inlays provide reflections and brilliance for a modern and streamlined look. On certain models, a plinth made up of 5 mirror-effect inserts (optional) give further character to the front door.
    [ONE-PIECE DOORS WITH LARGE ALUMINIUM DÉCOR OUTSIDE AND MIRROR OPTION INSIDE] These one-piece, aluminium doors have large decorative inserts with brushed aluminium faces on the outside and, on the inside, offer a mirror face over the height of the door, thus combining utility with good looks. The one-piece doors have a 72 mm thick opening leaf, consisting of 2 panels of 2-mm aluminium and a 69-mm insulating core. The aluminium front doors exhibit thermal performances amongst the highest in their category: coefficient Ud = 1.4 W/m².K for the glazed doors, coefficient Ud up to 1.0 for the one-piece doors.

    * Aesthetically innovative => our objective is to exercise our creativity and offer the consumer a decidedly decorative range of front doors, given that the door has taken on a truly decorative role in our houses (both to add a personal dimension to our façades and to harmonise with our interior décor). Our innovation is to have seen how to integrate the mirror (a recognised and timeless decorative element) in our range of aluminium front doors. * Technically innovative => the decorative concept of the mirror is exemplified in our 2 families of doors: the one-piece, aluminium doors and the fully glazed aluminium doors. The realisation of this idea required the investigation of technical solutions (mirror varnishing on glass, gluing of the mirror to an aluminium backing panel and more).

  • SIKASIL AS-66, Ultra-fast silicone structural adhesive by gun

    By: SIKA
    Stand K 101

    Sikasil AS-66 is an accelerated 1-component neutral silicone adhesive used as window bonding adhesive and for other applications where superior resistance to UV radiation, weathering and high temperatures is required. It cures very quickly independent of climate and delivers unmatched performance for applications that require a fast turnaround time.

    Sikasil AS-66 is designed for Powercure. Its main characteristics are: accelerated adhesive system for save curing also for deeper joints, an outstanding UV and weathering resistance, an excellent adhesion to most relevant substrates, good gap-filling capabilities, a long-term durability. It's made for Sika Powercure System and requires the PowerCure dispenser for an easy and fast application. This system offer a versatile and ergonomic system for a low financial investment unlike the purchase of a pump.

    The PowerCure system provides the precision and performance of a high-end pump system for smaller sealing and bonding applications. PowerCure is the ideal solution for areas that are difficult to reach with a pump, and the ideal work companion for assembly bonding jobs requiring fast curing speed. The system makes fast and economic small-scale window assembly possible in cases where pump equipment for two-component adhesives is not financially justified or where work and storage space is limited.

  • NOVELIA, The high technology window

    Stand C 66

    RAUFIPRO® is a composite material used in tech industries such as aerospace or Formula 1. Developed by the expertise of REHAU, it has features never seen as very high thermal performance or pleasant design. The RAUFIPRO® is particularly rigid, 100% recyclable and allows to realize windows of all sizes.

  • EXCEO PREMIUM, Colored PVC joinery

    Stand J 24

    PVC joinery offering a wide range of color combinations, with several possible finishes. Innovative exterior finish PMMA (Polymethyl Methyl) touch grained for 7 new colors. Interior finish possibility of a natural wood cladding on a PVC heart (5 woods). 29 films metallized plaxage, interior and exterior wood and natural imitation. All these finishes represent over 1,450 possible combinations.

    A real energy and aesthetic balance. It combines the PVC insulation performance with the aesthetics and the warmth of natural wood and the appearance of the aluminum color with PMMA and plaxage. The use of fiber rods coextruded glass obviates the total building joinery (which degrades thermal coefficient). The thermal performance are identical to the tinted joinery throughout: Uw = 0.9 W / m²K with triple glazing Uw = 1.3 W / m²K with double glazing. This offer allows real differentiation with original and unique finishes on the market. PVC joinery thus rose to the level of aluminum or mixed wood aluminum.

    The innovation lies in the marriage of several different finishes on demand. PMMA exterior with wood trim, plaxage or tinted mass inside, interior wood trim and exterior plaxage, interior colors with a plaxage outside plaxage of another color, plaxage outside and inside tinted mass and vice versa.

  • CLAIREA 75, Tall 4 leaves aluminium sliding hidden opening

    Stand L 24

    This sliding ClairéA 75 Great Height Opening Hidden is an innovative version of our traditional sliding, integrating three major advantages: big dimensional possibilities until 2.8m of height, a feasibility in tri-rails up to 6 leaves, a system of opening hidden allied to a fineness of the vertical profiles and the baffle allowing a optimized glazing.

    The thermal performances are Uw = 1.4 W/(m ². K), Ug = 1.0 W/(m ². K), Sw = 0.52, Tlw = 0.61 and the performances Air Water Wind: A*4 E*6B V*B2. There is a permeability in the air strengthened: A*4 of base. The glazed part represents 95 % of the assembled product. The maximum weight by opening is from 80 to 200 kg. It is a manufacturing of custom-made sliding for the new and the renovation building.

    It combines unique only criteria: a great height until 2.8m, an Opening Hidden with only 5 % of aluminum, an embedded threshold, a light of optimal glazing (95 % of glazed surface), and the possibility to have from 4 to 6 leaves for a maximum width of 6m.

  • FENETRE AM-X, Inovation and simplicity

    Stand H 61

    AM-X is an hybrid window which combines specific qualities of each material used, rather than seeing them as opposites. AM-X offers multiple attractive solutions, while remaining upon a single technical base, without additional complexity. For the first time, aesthetical choices are disconnected from technical requirements.

    AM-X is based on a concept of concealed opening. The frame consists of an external aluminum cheek which brings durability and various colors, structurally related to a PVC body which gives thermal insulation, precision welding, and therefore superior sealing. The opening is provided with double glazing with structural bonding, which ensures rigidity and high strength joining system. According to the interior design, it is made in PVC for white atmosphere, Aluminum-PVC for colors, or wood-PVC for a wood ambiance. These internal finishes are made with total stability of shape, masses and performance in a single technical environment (installation, cladding, hardware…). AM-X combines the elegance of aluminum shapes with the performance of PVC. Technical data for a double module window with a 28mm double glazing Ug 1.1: Uw 1.3 to Uw 1.1 with options. Tlw 59%. Scw 0,47. AEV : A*4/E*9A/V*A2.

    The major innovation lies in combining objectives usually achieved with different range of products, in ONE UNIQUE PRODUCT. High level performance, consistency of external appearance, wide choice of internal design: white, color, wood. Technical characteristics simplifies all the steps of the business: display, choice, sales, orders, installation, and final settings onsite.

  • SERIE 713, Casement joinery range

    Stand F 24

    Series 713 is a casement joinery range (opening inwards or outwards) with a 70mm module equipped with progressive thermal protection (three performance levels). This system can provide either concealed handles or visible handles with elegant lines, thanks to its reduced aluminium sections. The Taïga ranges includes innovative, outward-opening frames which combine top-hung hopper opening with casement opening.

    Series 713 offers a casement joinery range with progressive high thermal protection. For a single-leaf window with double glazing rated Uw = 1,3 W/m²°c the U-values are Ug= 1,1 W/m²°c with Sw = 0,51. For triple-glazing rated Ug = 0,5 W/m²°C the U-values are 0,8 W/m²°c with an Sw of 0,45. Sound attenuation can reach an RAtr of 41 dBA. The system offers three types of thermal shielding which allow progressive high thermal protection values to meet the varying needs of the final user. The joinery comes with the choice of mitred or right-angled assembly, both on fixed frame segments and on opening framework. The right-angled opening bars are produced by a new patented system which reduces machining and thus facilitates bi-coloration. The external opening frames offer the advantage of new, original fittings which combine outward casement opening with hopper opening. Series 713 comes in two Design: Factory Spirit versions with spare, sober lines and a sleek finish.

    On interior opening sections, Series 713 offers a right-angled assembly system which reduces profile size. The originality here is a glazing bead which makes the frame perfectly watertight with excellent closing and reduces machining. On external opening sections, new fittings allow outward casement opening along with top-hung hopper opening to assist ventilation. These new fittings also permit several fastening points along the frame, giving the window excellent water-resistance.

  • GAMME WALLIS & OUTDOOR, Trapezoid shaped bio-climatic pergola system

    Stand F 24

    The Wallis&Outdoor range is a bio-climatic pergola system which allows pergolas to be built in triangular, rectangular and trapezoid shapes. It gives solar protection in summer, with slatted movable sun-blinds. In winter it allows light and solar warmth to enter. The system of slats placed on the edge of the aluminium profile provides excellent water resistance thanks to the compression of the slats on a peripheral joint on the guttering.

    The Wallis&Outdoor range of bio-climatic pergolas provides two types of slats: plain slats or tubular slats which allow pergolas dimensioned at 7000mm x 4500mm. Posts with invisible fixings drain away water from guttering. The guttering design allows posts to be placed at points best suited to the pergola’s form and situation. In this way the post does not have to be within the angle of the pergola. The slat system, which compresses a peripheral joint onto the guttering, is watertight. The Wallis&Outdoor system passed safety tests at the CSTB wind-tunnel in Nantes (report EN-CAPE 15.200C-V1) during trials for mainland France and for French overseas departments and territories. The system remained watertight during rainfall of 170 mm/h and resisted cyclone conditions (winds of 238 km/h) while remaining manoeuvrable. A patented system of slat fixation allows pergolas to be built in triangular or trapezoid form, with slat orientation adaptable to the best positions for these shapes.

    The Wallis&Outdoor pergola is innovative because it permits pergolas to be built in special shapes while remaining completely watertight. The system allows sunblind slats to be moved at angles up to 45°. The form of the slats and their control system make this possible, combined with a patented articulated slat. The movable slat system is fixed into the guttering by means of an integrated slot and is held with screws.

  • LUXLINE LA FENETRE PVC A OUVRANT CACHE, Performance is not a LUX*ury

    Stand J 66

    A stylish range of PVC joinery profiles for window and French door systems with hidden sash.

    Since the sash is hidden behind the frame, the glazing is optimized by about 10% compared to a conventional PVC joinery, improving thermal performance, acoustic and light transmission, as it increases the solar factor too. Integration of a third sealing barrier brings up A.W.W. (Air tightness. Water tightness. Wind-load resistance ranking) performance to: A*4 W*9A W*A3. Not to mention that this barrier acts of burglary retardant and protects the hardware. Ensues significant economic interests as to the coloration that's henceforth required on the frame only (Case of Dual-staining): stock is then needed for sashes only. In addition, reinforcement is therefore tied to the size range and not the color. As to the frame coloration, there are many lamination, covering or lacquering solutions for modern, durable and customizable results.

    The LUXline window is innovative since its opening seems to be hidden only because of a "trompe l'oeil" effect : The outer facing of the opening is surrounded by a black seal giving the illusion of continuity with the frame. Remaining traditional carpentry , window adapts perfectly to the techniques already adopted by PVC joinery manufacturers , especially domestic parclosage system, minimizing the impact of the introduction of new products from the manufacturer.

  • STYLIUM, A new vision of aluminium

    Stand E 82

    Stylium is a range of aluminium windows, which has benefited from a sustainable development approach and a design study. Stylium offers ergonomic and easy to use design (with its exclusive POLARIS handle) and meets highest anti breaking and security requirements for an optimal comfort. Stylium range targets residential sector as it complies with sustainable schemes such as HQE, LEED or BREEAM

    Stylium is characterized by a central sealing plan incorporating 3 weather seals and a dual-function polyamide insulating strip. These elements allow to reach very high energy performances, acoustic and waterproofing. These performances are retained with flat threshold accessibility solution via double threshold seal system. The Stylium maneuverability has been carefully studied thanks to an exclusive handle without escutcheon associated with a hardware system with mobiles and self-adjustable mushroom cams. Finally, Stylium is also an aesthetic proposal of two anodized profiles.Their purely technical function is well forgotten by this design work, hallmark of the Stylium range. The Stylium range enjoys an Environmental Declaration of Construction Products in accordance with EN 15804 (EPD) and a library of BIM objects created to facilitate integration with digital models of construction projects.

    Stylium is distinguished by its customer-oriented design (installer and user) which allows easy adjustment for an optimal use: glazing rebate of 14.5mm, water height of 18mm, an operating clearance of 8mm, 43mm of surface contact between the frame and masonry (13 mm are required by DTU) are technical features very differentiating. The maneuverability, with the association of a handle without escutcheon and a self-adjusting hardwear, is a Stylium exclusivity.

  • VEKA SPECTRAL, The "velvet" touch

    By: VEKA
    Stand H 62

    VEKA SPECTRAL is a new technology of PVC profiles colouring combining lamination and lacquering. Its innovation is the soft-touch with a velvet effect. This new technology gives a new dimension to the window: the PVC window is not only efficient and aesthetic but also nice to touch.

    VEKA SPECTRAL is a lacquered lamination foil giving unique visual rendering and touch. It is characterized by the high stability of its colour and its texture against the UV irradiation and its superior chemical and mechanic resistance (cleaning agents, pollution, chemicals, impacts, stripes). It also offers an exceptional resistance in extreme weather conditions (high temperature, humidity and irradiation). Even for dark colours, profiles with VEKA SPECTRAL benefit from lower heat absorption, and therefore reduced effects of dilatation. VEKA SPECTRAL does not affect thermic, acoustic and mechanical performance of PVC window. Furthermore, PVC profiles covered with VEKA SPECTRAL foil are manufactured like standard laminated profiles regarding both welding and deburring, without any additional investment from windows manufacturers.

    VEKA SPECTRAL is notable by its design. It offers new aesthetics to PVC profiles surfaces thanks to diverse material effects: ultra-matt, metallic, ultra-glossy ... with this unique "velvet" touch.

  • AMBIAL, Multi-space folding door

    Stand E 31

    The new folding door AMBIAL® offers wide openings. Dedicated to establishments receiving public, it allows extension of a restaurant or coffee room on a terrace, blurring the boundary between inside and outside. Its large XXL dimensions, its numerous applications, its elegant design which is now officially registered and its improved thermal performance make it an ideal partner for projects.

    AMBIAL® design has been registered. Finishings have been designed down to the smallest details to offer an elegant door both in closed and open positions: flush profiles, thin and well-balanced visible parts, concealed hardware. With its 75 mm module integrating glazed sections of up to 52 mm, the door's performance can reach a Uw coefficient of Uw = 0,95 W/m².K with Ug = 0,5 W/m².K (5 leavesL 6 m x H 3 m). Air performance: Class 3 Water: Class 8A Wind: Class C3. The multi-spaces folding door AMBIAL® is distinguished by its large dimensions up to 12 meters long by integrating up to 10 leaves, with a maximum of 3 m height and 1.2 m width each. Each leaf can carry a load up to 150 kg. AMBIAL® offers a variety of configurations to adapt to all types of needs: opening from the center or from one side, towards the exterior or the interior.

    Design is at the user's service with ergonomic handles. Hardware (hinges, rollers...) is concealed by the black covers covers for a greater finish when the door is open. Manufacturing is made easier because each hardware item comes with its cover. Manufacturers and installers save valuable time on site. Profiles and accessories are reversible and allow openings towards the interior or exterior.

  • AURALU 3, Stylish, energy efficient mixed sliding window

    Stand D 61

    Frames with insulated thermal breaks, 28 mm wide pane rabbet. Mechanically assembled wood frame. Stool and central meeting stile with thermal break. Window frame movement by adjustable double wheel roller assemblies and roller bearings. Multi-point espagnolette locking system. 180° handle rotation

    Straight-cut assembly of the wood and aluminum cross members. Anodised aluminum stool with thermal break, interior tinted steel grey, exterior in the wood colour. Uw = 1,4 with 4/20/4 Fe + argon + Warm Edge glass - AEV = A*4 E*5B V*A2.

    Innovation in the marriage of wood and aluminum. Interior wood casing clipped onto the aluminum trim.

  • GREENWINDOW, Wood and metal window: hidden wood interior frame

    Stand P 104

    GREENWINDOW is an innovative mixed material window, which combines the advantages of traditional mixed windows and aluminum windows. It is an aluminum type window with a hidden wood frame. The aluminum exterior frame is the last generation cutting edge in thermal breaks. GREENWINDOW affirms its wooden character as seen from the inside : the interior frame is wood, and in closing hides behind the exterior aluminum frame. A clipped-on wood joint cover completes the warmth of the wooden interior.

    A mixed material window in aluminum and wood. It stands out from traditional mixed aluminum/wood windows by the fabrication process and combination of "associated" rather than "melded" materials. Aesthetic qualities: narrow, contemporary lines, broad choice of colors and configurations. Differentiated exterior and interior finishes possible. A sustainable development philosophy demonstrated by: a simple, fast and efficient fabrication process, facilitated by straight angles and simplified metal cutting . A decentralised production and commercial approach. Optimised window: optimal use of materials. High quality products using 20 % less material than in traditional mixed windows. Optimized embodied energy. GREENWINDOW accumulates the best performance rating in each framework category. Highest level in energy performance : - Uw = 1,3 à 0,8 – TLw = 0,8 – Sw = 0,45 - AEV = A*4 – E*9A – V*C3.

    The first innovation, appearance of solid wood inside by designing an aluminum window with a hidden wood frame: aluminum exterior frame with a clipped-on-wood joint, interior frame is wood with double strength tefanyl glazing bead, preventing contact with exterior elements. It greatly facilitates fabrication allowing, with little investment and knowledge in wood technology, access to a large number of new providers. This will allow developing the mixed window market toward a mid-level demand.

  • TEXTURAL, The window that dresses up your home

    Stand H 103

    TEXTURAL is developping at PROFERM, with the line NORDIC and GRAPHIC while maintening his better performance, the home decor invites itself in the detail for linning your interior.

    TEXTURAL is inspired by current trends to propose you the living room which corresponds to your desires! Freshness and modernity are 2 words associated to these new lines. Different tones of pastels are proposed for your frames; colors bringing peace, sweetness and serenity. They are an excellent way to let the light enter in your interior. The sweetness invites itself thanks to the SOFT finish effect "peachy skin" on frames NORDIC. Your joinery TEXTURAL is made decoration for a perfect finish. Harmonize the beating and the handle of each of your windows according to your desires, according to your decoration, according to your walls… All our models are original works realized by our painter designer. The range GRAPHIC is going to inspire you !

    Did you notice that pastel colors invade little by little our environment in the fashion, but also in the decoration? Joineries are joining decoration in order to answer all the desires and expectations of private individuals, the window granting perfectly with their inside and their desires, while proposing the best thermal and acoustic quality. Furthermore, the customization is a way of making unique the joinery and decoration!


    By: PREFAL
    Stand H 85

    A new range of residential door monobloc aluminum to total thermal bridge break. These doors combine both aesthetics, with new graphics corresponding to the latest trend decorative and performing security and insulation.

    These new generation doors boast ultra-performance in terms of safety and with a coefficient of thermal insulation low: UD 1.3 W / m²K. The new monobloc aluminum door focused on performance with 78mm thick. All RAL colors are available on this range, it also offers the possibility to realize the bicoloration.

    These contemporary aluminum doors, bring a designer look with a completely smooth opening. They do enjoy a wide sleeping in thermal break and high insulation 78mm. Security is enhanced with locks in 5 points to 17 points and closures (optional) and an anti-lift system (optional).


    By: PREFAL
    Stand H 85

    The new collection of aluminum portal is even more trendy, with the new blades designed with sheets of metal and a wide choice of colors.

    The gates are made of extruded aluminum and thermolacquered mechanical precision assembly with reinforcement bracket. They consist in vertical uprights of section 100x65 and 100x50 horizontal cross section. This new collection has different types of blades: full, perforated, windbreak.

    The innovation lies in aesthetics, each customer can custom its own gate. The blade thickness variation gives relief to the portal: 85mm classic blade, blade 171mm wide, 256mm XL blade. All the models are customizable. With 7 "design" perforated sheets and a wide range of sheet metal laser cutting achieve depending on model or letter.

  • FENETRE RESIDENCE PVC, Process Acrylcolor

    By: PREFAL
    Stand H 85

    The Acrylcolor process allows us to offer PVC windows in color. This innovative technology called co-extrusion combines the advantages of two different materials in a single product. The windows profiles acrylcolor meet the highest technical and functional requirements.

    During the extrusion, when coloring, the element of white PVC profiles and colored acrylic glass merge inseparably. Through this merger, is born a section whose outer surface is colored and matte and withstand without weathering. The outer layer of acrylic glass is twice as hard as the surface of the white PVC windows. It has a high scratch resistance and is highly resistant to weathering. The satin surface, smooth and non-porous is insensitive to dust and dirt. The windows do not scale. They have no more needs to be repainted. The acrylcolor windows require virtually no maintenance.

    The PVC window Acrylcolor offers over 70 RAL colors in bicoloration (white inside). It provides a wide UV reflectance. The sun's rays pass through the acrylic glass layer permeable to infrared, to be subsequently refracted by the white base body. The warm-up profiles is thus minimized significantly. The thermal amplitude between the color layer and the white layer of the profile is surprisingly small.

  • SYCOMM, Strong and smooth

    By: WIMOVE
    Stand N98

    This clever motorization for sliding shutters can move panels up to 200kg. Sycomm uses the teach-in method for its programmation. Therefore, it is a smart product that can automatically adjust depending on the configuration (attempts, limit switches, ...). Obstacle detection is performed by current reading.

    The motorization SYCOMM can easily move panels up to 200 kg with a speed of 60 mm/s. It can easily move panels up to 200 kg. With a wired control it can be plugged to most of the domotic systems of the market. The supply voltage is from 110 to 230 VAC. It get a break witch can stop the panel in position.

    Though it is compact and integrating all fonctions (power supply, engine, driver) in a very small volume, it takes 200 kg. It has the brushless technology.

  • SMART & SMOOTH RS100 IO, Connected motor for smart roller shutters

    Stand H 23

    With S&SO RS100, Somfy innovates with the first smart & smooth tubular motor reinventing the rolling shutter movement. Somfy sets a new benchmark in terms of visible quality, acoustic comfort, reliability and traceability. The rolling shutter motorized with S&SO RS100 is connected & controlled via a Smartphone, tablet & computer.

    The connected rolling shutter motorized with S&SO RS100 gives a feeling of well-being at home, thanks to the mastered smooth movement; movement is totally controlled, coming to a gentle stop to protect the rolling shutter. The two-speed motor allows to adapt the movement of the shutters to suit users' preferences. Indeed, the S&SO RS100 motorized shutter provides enhanced acoustic comfort in the house. In "discreet mode" the rolling shutter is silent. The connected shutter by Somfy can be controlled at home & away thanks to TaHoma or Connexoon allowing scenarios implementation via a simple and user-friendly interface. For instance, the departure scenario enable the closure & turn-off all connected equipements. Finally, the motor contributes to home security by closing strongly the rolling shutter. The S&SO RS100 motor is fitted with a frost and obstacle detection.

    Connected, S&SO RS100 motor is adapted to the assembler's manufacturing process & traceability requirements.The first Plug & Play wireless motor has an automatic detection of the rotation direction. More than a motor, a complete eco-system: Smart&Smooth Operator combines the best of Somfy's innovation, for greater productivity during integration and installation, more custom-made solutions, a superior maintenance service and greater comfort for the inhabitants.

  • SOLAR PRO BY OZROLL, Modular solar charging system

    Stand L 80

    The system has been designed to operate the 12V DC motors of the OZRoll Drive System but can also be used with most other DC motors. Thus SOLAR PRO is an independent and autonomous power supply system for motorization of shutters, awnings, venetian blind, window shutters but also for other applications such as window openers, garage doors, gates etc.. The modular structure which allows to compose customized units for each customer. This structure also allows easy and economic servicing and environmental friendly exchange of components.

    SOLAR PRO by OZRoll is a modular solar charging system which incorporates rechargeable batteries, power managment and RF receiver. Thus the SOLAR PRO can be seen as an independent and autonomous power supply system for motorization in roller-shutters, awnings, venetian blind, window shutters but also for other applications such as window openers, garage doors, gates etc.. The SOLAR PRO unit is simply connected to the motor with a two-lane cable and easily fixed with two mounting clips to the shutter, awning or other application. The modular structure allows to adapt the SOLAR pro to any customer requirement, i.e. with different battery types, solar modules with varying capacities and customized electronic modules ( 12V/24V, customer-specific RF receivers and control systems). It also facilitates service and exchange of single components which makes it economically advantageous for the end user and environmental friendly.

    The modular structure of SOLAR PRO is unique and offers maximum flexibility as well as easy and environmental friendly servicing. The concept of creating an autonomous power supply unit makes SOLAR pro suitable for almost all automatization applications “around the opening”, allows extremely economic assembly and installation. Due to the modular concept SOLAR pro can be adapted to almost every customer requirement.

  • GIRO, The new control system

    Stand H 73

    GIRO is the new remote control series exclusively signed by Cherubini, which meets Italian design to create a new way of thinking, using and living the solar protection devices. GIRO is more than style: the real surprise is the rotating extremity of the remote control, an element that revolutionizes the way we manage blinds and awnings. The device embodies the excellence of Cherubini in an elegant object with an innovative use.

    Designed to be held with one or both hands, GIRO reveals better its character when it’s in horizontal position. Available in 4 versions, 2 multichannel (7+1), GIRO Plus and GIRO P-Lux, and 2 one-channel, GIRO and GIRO Lux. By a simple soft twist GIRO controls the 7 channels, both individually or all together through the global channel. The LUX function allows you to program movements of awnings, in order to calibrate them depending on the wind and the light detected by anemometer. The curved numeric display follows the lines of the remote control and indicates by the white high brightness LED the selected channels. The remote control is available in three sophisticated shades, light warm grey, blue and burgundy, to match harmoniously the interior and become an integral part of the home furnishing. Programming keys are in a safe place, protected by the battery compartment cover.

    The first innovative characteristic of GIRO is the way of operating: by rotation of a part of the remote control, as suggested by the name and the shape of the product. This rotation movement, more natural than pressing a key, gives a different taste to the daily gesture of using a remote control. The other innovation is the presence of dedicated programming keys, which remain protected in the batteries compartment. This prevents any unmeant operation by the user.

  • CAPTIVE, The safety edge that never touches you

    Stand L 54

    CAPTIVE is a radio safety solution for doors and gates featuring NO-TOUCH technology. 3 in 1 safety edge CAPTIVE is a double obstacle detector NO-TOUCH wireless transmission with the latest technology of the RADIOBAND 3G. Quick installation and easy to program offers an excellent protection to people and conductive obstacles. It is ideal for manufacturers and installers of sliding gates, roller shutters and sectional doors, for both industrial use and residential applications.

    CAPTIVE is the unique NO-TOUCH safety system with safety edge which complies with the current regulations. CAPTIVE works on the basis of a dual-contact cable detection (NC) coupled with a NO-TOUCH system using the same cable conductor to detect all elements (people, vehicles, …). Non-conductive objects are detected by the classic mechanical cable. Sensitivity detection is adjustable and inhibition of the NO-TOUCH system is planned in order not to detect the structure of the portal when the gate is going to be totally closed. The information is transmitted by RADIOBAND 3G wireless technology also integrated in the safety edge electronics. NO-TOUCH detection only works during the movement of the door.

    CAPTIVE system is innovative because it is the unique radio safety edge with a NO-TOUCH system. With the NO-TOUCH function, JCM improves the current safety edge features in the following aspects: CAPTIVE avoids damaging the gate, door or people because there is no collision. The motor does not suffer brusque door inversions allowing for a longer life for doors and gates. Vehicles do not touch the door or gate. Potential repair expenses can be avoided. Gates can work faster.

  • XTESA, Pergola unique by its technology

    Stand P 24

    An innovative pergola with a winding cloth system. Such element allow it to be installed even in extrem architectural environments, obtaining long projection with minimum inclination. The Xtesa is provided to patented system "hookup-unhook", the main point of the innovation.

    The main advantages of the XTESA are: cloth tensioning, minimum inclination (7°), 100% waterproof (zipped fabric), high wind resistance (class 6), sun rays screening thermal insulation and light transmission, modular system (side by side). XtTESA is covered by technical and design patent. XTESA uses Somfy engine. The recommended fabric is W96 by Serge Ferrari. For comfort, XTESA can be operated by your smartphone with IO home control technology.

    The main point of the innovation is around the electronic tension control of the fabric. A terminal bar engages in opening up on devices to the electromagnet. The electronic control unit permits to stretch the fabric on zip rails, ensuring optimum power even with a minimum inclination of 7°. The cloth tensioning through gas pistons and the extra tension by the “ hookup/unhook” system.

  • VZ080-ZIP, Compact box, huge effect

    Stand P 18

    The VZ080-ZIP is equipped with an ultra-compact box (the most compact on the market for a 3.5 m drop), has a sleek design (suitable for both traditional and modern environments), offers numerous installation options, including all manner of horizontal and inclined glass panels, both indoors and out. For the professional, this equates to maximum ease of installation, with access from the top of the box, a simple fabric tensioning system, various support feet and a handy coupling system.

    The VZ080-ZIP is easy to assemble, with an extensive set of aluminium distance supports and a simple fabric tensioning system. It can be fitted directly to the wall and/or conservatory or window profile, and thanks to the guides and box that open from the top, maintenance is easy. The VZ080-ZIP has the most compact box available today; extremely wind-resistant, and a fabric that remains taut for years to come, thanks to the unique zip system with concealed stainless metal spring in the guides. The fabric is protected from external influences with a bottom lath that seals the box when in the closed position. Obscuration is achieved by a rubber seal in the bottom lath, which reaches the extreme ends of the guides. When linked, the even drop from the 2nd extension pole can be accurately adjusted. With technical ingenuity and a carefully crafted design; the hidden screws combined with a minimalist design make this solution ideal for traditional and modern homes alike.

    The VZ080-ZIP, one system, endless possibilities. What makes this sun protection so completely unique, is the ultra-compact box (the most compact on the market for a 3.5 m drop), the many assembly options with maximum ease of installation, and all this for all manner of horizontal and inclined glass panels, both indoors and outdoors. It is one of a kind.

  • EXPANSION, Revolutionary fabric for pergola

    Stand K 24

    EXPANSION’s fabric collection for pergolas ushers in a revolutionary possibility: 100% waterproof roofing fabric. The Dickson® laboratories spent several years researching and developing this innovative fabric to offer professionals and homeowners an airy, understated alternative to heavy, visually distracting plastic or wood slat roofs.

    Sheathed in a translucent PVC membrane, the EXPANSION fabric has a mat, textile look. It is completely waterproof and is the first solution-dyed acrylic fabric with a naturally smooth face to help fight pollution and dirt. EXPANSION fabrics are rollable or retractable and adapt to all pergola widths as taut fabric or vellums. Available in 13 solid colours and 4 stripes, the EXPANSION range comes in a broad array of options so you can create perfectly harmonious gardens and terraces. EXPANSION fabrics are wind-resistant, waterproof, luminous, airy sun protection that can easily be adapted to metal, wood or PVC structures.

    It is completely waterproof and is the first solution-dyed acrylic fabric with a naturally smooth face to help fight pollution and dirt. EXPANSION fabrics are wind-resistant, waterproof, luminous, airy sun protection that can easily be adapted to metal, wood or PVC structures.

  • CIEL OUV'AIR, Insulated pergola

    Stand N 99

    Ciel Ouv'air is an insulated pergola with a waterproof, adjustable and opening panel system.

    The product is completly insulated (structures and roofing system) with a powered system wich can open to 80% of the surface. The roofing blades are made with aluminium composites panels (thickness = 53 mm) wich are adjustable with pantograph system allowing rotation and opening movement.

    Ciel Ouv'air is the first pergola/véranda system wich can swich for one to the other use in less than 1 minute. The 2 majors inovations are: insulation and opening.

  • ELEANCE BIO SOLAIRE, Bioclimatic pergola

    Stand K 91

    Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire is ELEANCE bio design pergola equipped with a system to capture solar energy to produce electricity for its operation. Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire pergola is an autonomous energy.

    Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire has the advantage of settling everywhere without constraint. It is equipped with solar panel ultra-thin and perfectly adapted to the blades. The number varies according to the energy requirement. A controller / charger supplies a range of batteries, housed in one of the posts of the pergola. The stored electricity can thus feed the central controls. Performance varies depending on the number of panels but also exposure, geographical location and season. It can thus range from 1 to more than 6 hours of continuous lighting by week.

    Bioclimatic pergola ELEANCE Bio Solaire is distinguished by its characteristic to be energy self-sufficient. It further simplifies the procedure of installation by the fact that there is no electrical connection to predict.

  • EVOLUTIV, The bioclimatic and progressive pergola

    Stand H 66

    The EVOLUTIV' bioclimatic pergola is a hybrid product, in aluminium, thought to become a veranda. Its structure, built on a simple and resistant base, was designed according to recognized rigorous Concept Alu products. The design and clean lines of this model specially studied by a team of engineers and designers, can receive decorative cornices. EVOLUTIV' respects environmental rules avoiding destroy a product to replace it.

    Featuring rugged materials that follow the regulations of the conservatory building regulations (aluminum AGS.T5 6060) and a powder coating line respecting labels Qualicoat and Qualimarine, the pergola Evolutiv' has a structure with height of 2300mm and 150x150mm of posts, particularly resistant. For colors, all kinds of RAL are available. We also propose four different sizes: 3400x3470 ; 3400x3900 ; 4000x3900 ; 4000x3975 mm. Bespoke is also possible. It is standard equipped with adjustable slats. Closed, they protect from the weather (rain, wind, hail, etc.) and sunlight; open, they adjust exposure to daylight and create a refreshing ventilation for heat. For the management of rainwater, it incorporates a wide gutter with large capacity on the tower structure capable of accepting volumes greater than 500mm/h. Available other options: lighting, rain sensor, blackout fabric.

    With his experience in verandas and yards that his clients ask to close to prolong the duration of use, Concept Alu studied a pergola concept which can evolve in comfort to the concept of veranda, without destroying the basic structure. The ingenuity is based on the invention of a self-supporting structural roof adapted to this system. Thoughtful and designed in collaboration with a manufacturer of EDR (Filling Elements), it will be patented and become the exclusivity of Concept Alu.

  • ALLURE - FETUNA - FELICIA - FERIA, 2 arms awnings range with radio engine Well'com®

    Stand J 24

    The product is a range of 2 arms awnings with chest with electrical operation control Well'com® radio that allows the automatic adjustment of the tension of the fabric by easy adjustment of the lower limit of the front profile.

    These sunscreens are 2 arms awnings with electrical operation control Well'com® radio that allows the automatic adjustment of the tension of the fabric by easy adjustment of the lower limit of the front profile. This range of awnings has dimensions up to 5960 mm wide and 4000 mm fell. The engine responds to commands compatible radio remotes Well'com®. Besides this novelty, the awning has several protections with wind and sun sensors. These awnings allow ultimate comfort with LED lighting in the arms or in the box, depending on the model. The awning motorization Well'com® with radio is compatible to connected home and can be operated locally or remotely via a simple smartphone, tablet.

    After several cycles of operation, the fabric may be relaxed when the blind is open. The invention relates to the control method of the motor of the awning. The Well'com® engine allows automatic adjustment of the tension of the fabric by easy adjustment of the lower limit of the front profil. The lower limit of the front profile are electronic by a counting process performed by the engine. This adjustment feature can be performed remotely.

  • OPTIMA², Autonomous motor

    Stand J 24

    The Optima² autonomous motor runs on stick batteries ( trade ) or rechargeable battery sector through its charger. Controllable through its radio remote control, you can memorize a favorite position to stop the blind.

    Forget electrical connections ... Discreet, power supply is positioned above the blind and installed very quickly. Maximum dimensional limits: 2400 x 3000 mm depending on the fabric. Autonomy: one year with one cycle per day.

    Ease of installation for the installer, fast and discreet connection. Ideal for renovation, more bloodletting to the wall or duct fixing.

  • QUBICA FLAT, The bicolor designed cassette awning

    Stand N 52

    Outdoor bicolor customisable cassette awning designed by the Italian designer Robby CANTARUTTI.

    Outside awning exclusively built in aluminium and with inox screws, proposed with 6 different standard colors'combinations (CE marked including wind classification), the applied warranty is 5 years. Dimensions are large: FLAT model presents a maximum width of 12 000 mm with a maximum projection of 3 600 mm. The cassette of the awning has a very small dimension of 15cm and thanks to its square form and integrated supports there is no interspace between it and the wall. It can be presented with acrylic fabrics as welle as technical one (limited to 3 100mm for the projection) and it will perfectly integrate teh external trend of the decoration. The spin cable arms are benefitted from an ingenious system avoiding any frotting on the fabric while closing or opening the cassette and as a consequence this is limiting any deformation usually brought to the fabric. Many options can be added : leds in arms, heating and coordonated painting kit, music and/or lighting kit, various motorizations including domotic functions.

    Bicolor possibilities for this exclusively in aluminium made outside awning, the customer can choose among standard colors the combination he wants to have between the cassette and the decorative front bar. This innovation makes it possible for the QUBICA Flat to perfectly integrate on one hand the architectural style and on the other hand the already existing external decorative trend. Beautiful and innovative thanks to the new conception of the Italian designer Robby CANTARUTTI and though offering hight fonctionality performances.

  • MULTIROLL, A new concept of solar protection

    Stand R 34

    Adjustable rolling shutter with extruded slats. Capable of inner and outer rolling and suitable for any installation. Possibility of manufacturing the shutter is almost any color.

    Its slats tilting feature allows you to achieve important energy savings. You can have an optimized control of the light by adjusting the slats to the desired position. You will be able to have full control of air at home. This is the best way of recycling. The slats can be adjusted up to 100 degrees, so they will be easy to clean on both inside and outside faces. MULTIROLL is the only adjustable rolling shutter that doesn´t allow tilting by hand if closed. It works with a high and tubular motor that allows you to operate the shutter in order to close or open it completely or to the desired position; also, it allows you to adjust the slats at your desire. Cable and remote driving capabilities at the same time.

    Thanks to the material used to produce the shutter, the client can choose from many different colors. Also, MULTIROLL is suitable for any kind of installation, new or renovation, and for aluminum, PVC or wood carpentry.

  • SOLTIS 88, The perfect balance between shading and light

    Stand N 26

    Soltis 88 is a high performance membrane. It is made from a strucutre in polyester and PVC coating. It is microperforated membrane for several applications in the solar protection field: external as well as internal.

    Soltis 88 improves dramatically the energy performance of the buildings and ensures a perfect comfort in terms of temperature and glare control. The material is flame retardaTnt and Greenguard Gold certified. Sotlis 88 is 100% recyclable through Texyloop. Soltis 88 has an innovative aspect due to the regularity and optimised openness of its weave. This gives a cosy aspect to the screen and allies perfectly transparency and design for internal and external applications. The uniform transparency does not disturb the view through the material.

    The support material is made out of high quality polyester cables which are manufactured by the Serge Ferrari group. The fabrication process follows the Précontraint technology which keeps the composite under tension throughout the whole manufacturing cycle. This special technique gives special technical advantages to the fabric concerning its performance and longevity. The material is highly UV resistant.

  • PANOVISTA MAX, The vertical store for glass corner windows

    Stand N 06

    This screen is ideally suited to applications with glass-on-glass corner windows. The view of the panorama outside is maintained: the box and side channels are invisibly hidden away. The box can be integrated into the cavity wall. Maximum width of 6000 mm on each side and 3400 mm of height.

    Product : • Both sides of this corner sun protection move simultaneously. • The box and side channels can be invisibly hidden away: - The box can be integrated into the cavity wall, in which the fabric roll and motor can be easily assembled/disassembled from beneath. - The side channels can be hidden. - The bottom bar disappears into the box. - No vertical side beams are visible in the corner, maintaining the panoramic outside view. • It can also be perfectly installed during a renovation; the box can be surface-mounted in this case. • Electronically controlled: The two screens are powered by a single motor. A wind sensor is required. • Profiles can have an anodised finish or are available in any RAL colour. • Fabric choice: fibreglass fabric. Available in various colours. Applications : • Fixed glass-on-glass corner, e.g. glued corner joint • Open glass-on-glass corner, e.g. sliding windows • New construction/renovation

    RENSON® is a trendsetter in sun protection and closely follows new architectural trends. “Invisible architecture” is one such trend and nicely complements the desire for minimalism. RENSON® is taking perfect advantage of this development with Panovista Max. This new development is ideally suited to applications with glass-on-glass corner windows, for which conventional screens fail to provide a satisfying solution. The Panovista Max system is a sunscreen for corner windows, keeping any unpleasant aluminium profiles or cables from being permanently visible in the corner. Both sides of the system are simultaneously rolled off or up and provide the desired shade for a living or working space, without losing the view of the panorama outside the building. This solution is almost invisibly integrated into the building’s architecture. The box and side channels can be aesthetically hidden away and even the bottom bar disappears into the box once the screen is fully rolled up.

  • STORBOX 2.0, Roller shutter box with top performances

    Stand H74

    Storbox 2.0 is a roller shutter box with a new design for new built and for renovation. Thanks to a reinforced thermal insulation, this device reaches exceptional thermal (Uc 1,0), acoustic (>45 dB) and airflow resistance (C4) performances. It is compatible with every type of windows, PVC, wood and also aluminum. Fully flexible, Storbox 2.0 is available in more than 60 colors: mass, foiled and coated finishing.

    Storbox 2.0 roller shutter box is fully flexible. The manufacturing and assembling technology is unique. It only needs 8 pieces, instead of 24 usually. NO screws NOR silicone are necessary for the assembly. A circumferential seal is integrated to the device. The finishing touch and the tightness are perfect. The access to the box is simple thanks to the manhole cover. The performances are excellent : the thermal coefficient Uc varies from 0.8 to 1.2 following chosen configurations; the air resistance data is C4 whatever the type of handling (windlass, motor and strap); the acoustic data is exceeding 45 dB. Two box heights are available, 220 and 190 mm, for a same 240 mm depth, without steel reinforcement, which can reach a 3000 mm length. This device gets a technical advice.

    Storbox 2.0 is the first roller shutter box which can be assembled without any screws or silicone. It needs 3 times less time than usual common assembling needed time. This allows a significant saving. This new box gets the best air resistance classification for every type of boxes and configurations. It belongs to any windows materials, PVC, wood and also aluminum.

  • THERMALSAFE, Technology for the sectional door of tomorrow

    Stand S 13

    A package of composants for sectional doors - THERMALsafe, with the best values in terms of airtightness – classe 4 and a superior thermal performance – a U value representing a 22% improvement, a value achieved for the first time for a sectional door.

    Removal of thermal bridging: highly conductive materials such as steel and aluminium have been replaced by high-quality polythermalyne profiles and endcaps, thereby substantially reducing thermal bridging (cold / heat transfer). The side seal (weatherseal) has been redesigned completely to minimize the air leakage and cold bridging through the door frame. /// THERMALsafe foam: foam technology ensures the lowest thermal conductivity value than of any other sectional door panel currently available on the market. Thermal conductivity through the panel joint is reduced due to a duo-shell panel concept: the panel joints have been designed to ensure a thermal breaking between the internal and external sheets of the panel. A double seals system provides a perfect air-tightness on the panel joints.

    The only solution in the market for sectional doors with an airtightness classification of Class 4, and a superior thermal performance proposing a U value 22% more insulating.

  • ISO45 PORTILLON, Wicket door inside opening

    Stand N 81

    This new sectional garage door is dedicated to the replacement market. It's common, in the retrofit business, to face situations where the integrated wicket door cannot open to the outside (garage directly on the street or in underground position). Novoferm developped this new variant, with a wicket door opening to the inside, to offer a solution to that problem.

    This new door keeps the same characteristics and qualities as our existing one, but with the possibility of inside opening on the wicket door, that enlarge the possibilities of application. This solution didn't exist up to now on the market, due to the fact that no one found a satisfybing solution to secure properly the user against wicket door fall.

    There is no solution today in the market with a vertical opening garage door, equipped with a wicket door opening to the inside. This part of the market is not covered yet.

  • ARIALUCE, The large hole roller shutter

    Stand R 14

    Arialuce is an aluminum roller shutter slat, polyurethane foam insulated, modified to increase the amount of light and ventilation inside the room. Its main feature is the wide hole located in the slat’s hook, which allows, even when the shutter is closed, a superior ventilation and lighting of the room compared to those provided by the traditional roller shutters.

    The roller shutter slat Arialuce is made of aluminum filled with polyurethane foam. It is characterized by the dimension of the holes (H 5.5 mm, W 180 mm or 90 m), larger than the traditional ones, which allow, even in closed shutter position, the easy air recycling inside the house and, at the same time, the entry of sunlight. Maintaining the rooms ventilated and lighted is essential to avoid the formation of fungal microorganisms, which can cause respiratory diseases, allergies or chemical sensitivity. But the fast rhythm of modern life does not allow us, for safety reasons, to leave the windows or shutters open to ensure adequate ventilation and light in our homes. If the traditional roller shutter that guarantees protection and insulation, involves total closing and obscuration, Arialuce, in the down position but with open holes, allows also a suitable ventilation and the entrance of sunlight.

    This product differs from other similar products existing on the market by the significant size of the holes in his hook. Their dimensions are 2.5 mm height and 180 mm or 90 mm wide, while the traditional roller shutters have holes of inferior measures (2 mm height, 17 mm width). Thanks to this structural feature of the slat, the Arialuce roller shutter offers benefits related to people’s comfort and health.

  • DUERO, The thermal insulation PVC+ALL roller shutter

    Stand R 14

    DUERO is a bi-component roller shutter slat, made by an aluminum profile filled with polyurethane foam that couples with a PVC profile. The connection system between the two faces of the slat interrupts the thermal conductivity of metal, performing thus an break of the thermal transmittance between the internal environment and the external one. The use of this roller shutter helps to the reduce energy demand for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

    DUERO roller shutter slat is formed by coupling two sections made of different materials, the PVC profile and the aluminum profile, filled with insulating foam. The coupling system between the two faces of the slat stops the thermal conductivity of the metal. Thus, thanks to the aluminum, placed outside, and to the PVC, placed inside, the slate creates a break in the transmission of the heat between the outside and inside of a dwelling. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum element is interrupted at the connection points with the PVC profile. We have, therefore, a roller shutter that creates an interruption of the "thermal bridge" of the facade, which significantly reduces the coefficient of the thermal transmission. The value of the validated additional thermal resistance ΔRsh is 0.207 m2K/W. Therefore, thanks to its ability to provide superior thermal insulation, the main advantage of this product is to reduce the waste of resources and energy.

    The use of metal (aluminum or steel) or PVC for the manufacture of the roller shutter slates is widely used on the market. Nevertheless, these materials present limitations related to thermal insulation (especially metals) and strength (for PVC). The difference between DUERO and a traditional roller shutter consists of the bi-component structure of the profile, PVC and aluminum, providing thermal insulation and mechanical strength at the same time.

  • KIT DE MOTORISATION WELL’COM, The most versatile solution to upgrade shutters

    Stand J 24

    The Well’com® motorization kit allows to upgrade any existing roller shutter without prior measurements. Its telescopic shaft and its accessories have been designed for maximum versatility on site. Delivered in short time in a very convenient compact package, it is compatible with window or patio door, in an axle 60 or 40mm. The shutter, modernized with the Well’com® kit, is ready for every feature of Well’com® smart home.

    Through a set of practical brackets, the Well'com® motorization kit fits every type of shutters: built-in or built-on roller shutters, as well as shutters with window. The kit is available in a window version within an axle of 60 or 40mm (L max 1700mm), and in a French door version within an axle of 60mm (L max 2500). Its graduated telescopic shaft (patented system) fits the dimensions of the current box: no need to calculate. Well’com® also offers all the advantages of a connected radio control and makes all adjustments easier. Available in short time or held in stock by the installer, 3 references are enough for any kind of worksites, without previous reconnaissance. In its compact package with clear and detailed instructions, Well’com® motorization kit covers a maximum of needs, with a minimum of storage.

    The Well’com® motorization kit innovates with its versatility and simplicity of implementation. It is compatible with every type of boxes: built-on aluminium box, built-in ‘tunnel’ or wooden box, and even windows‘ integrated box. The patented graduation concept of the axle facilitates the adaptation to existing dimensions. For an ultimate comfort, a specific bracket allows easy installation by clipping in the cheeks. Another universal bracket fits the integrated box.

  • SPOSA A2P, Sectional garage door whit side shift

    By: GYPASS
    Stand S 65

    The Sposa A2P is a sectional garage door with side shift manufactured in France, custom made or standard. They are made with steel sandwich panels of 40 mm and aluminium frame.

    The door SPOSA A2P is characterized by its strength and reliability. Frame and tracks are very rigid, giving it a resistance against aggressive environments. The SPOSA A2P is comfortable and safe use with 3 locking points (2 locks closing side on top and bottom and another on bottom of discharge side). This door fits all spaces. The SPOSA A2P is smart thanks to its one-piece design, to the removal of bay and discharge squares, an inconspicuous screws and white painted flat hinges.

    The SPOSA is the first French sectional garage door with side shift to be certified A2P.

  • CHRONO PSE2, High performance polystyrene bay-block box

    Stand N 61

    The Chrono PSE combines the advantages of the best bay-blocks with tunnel shutterboxes. Intended for the TIE orTII, it exists with interior and exterior accessibility. Manufactured in PSE for a high insulation performance (Uc up to 0.3Wm2K*), equipped with an excellent inertia, it is available with reinforced phonic insulation. A Upvc profile ensures continuous watertight sealing. It integrates rollerblinds or a BSO sunblocker up to 4m wide and remains invisible from both inside and outside.

    Discreet ( it is invisible from both the inside and outside), the Chrono PSE2 is available for shutterboxes of 300 and 360mm or with fiber cement plating and is suitable for TIE, TII, single and double walls. Multifunctional, it can integrate a rollershutter or a BSO sunblocker of up to 4m wide while enabling the same positioning of the window in the frame, thus facilitating a combination of products. Novelty : access to the shutter is facilitated by a 123mm hatch on the exterior version and a double hatch on the interior version. The box and the side pieces are on PSE, ensuring optimal thermal insulation with a Uc of up to 0.3W.m2K*. Large widths are feasible thanks to the system of patented reinforced inertia, the steel straps integrated in the boxed frame fix the upper bar of the window directly to the brickwork. The shutterbox reaches up to C4** in air permeability making this solution the best adapted to the most demanding sites.
    *Bisco softare **Internal Test

    The Chrono PSE enables easy access to the laths : with an interior hatch, the box enables a double access of 73cm on the outside and 76cm on the inside. With an exterior hatch, an access of 123cm is available. The inertia of the shutterbox is ensured by a patented reinforced system combining a steel adapter, metal reinforcement in the warm zone (version interior hatch) and hatches. The fixing of upper bars under the ceiling slab is possible with steel straps integrated into the shutterbox.

  • RAY-NC, The next generation of Non-Contact Edges

    Stand L 85

    RAY-NC is the next generation of Non-Contact Safety Edges. Due to its smart, self-adjusting software RAY-NC adapts to its environment making it work independently from the door design. The sensor reliably detects every type of reflection and will be EC type test approved shortly, which allows retrofitting to any door. It is user friendly and easy to install since it is resistant against vibration and misalignment.

    RAY-NC features two sensors that are installed on opposite corners of an automatic door. If IR light beam between them is interrupted, a warning signal is sent to control unit to stop the motion of the door to avoid a collision. In RAY-NC, a software algorithm differentiates between transmitted and reflected light. This minimizes the chance of a failure to recognize an obstacle, which can happen in conventional systems. New intelligent sensor approach uses a broader IR light beam (±10°, compared with ± 5° in conventional systems), foregoing critical alignment of transmitter and making system more tolerant to shocks and vibrations. RAY-NC modules extend below the lower edge of a vertical-moving door while it is open, and retract into protective housings when it is closed. Operating range is 9 meters, enough for most wide commercial and industrial doors. RAY-NC is suitable for outdoor use: all components have a protection rating of IP65 and an operating temperature range of -20 to 55⁰C.

    RAY-NC uses a software algorithm that can filter out reflected IR signal that could cause the door not to stop and hit the obstacle. Such algorithm allows for a broader IR beam to be employed, hence the system is more resistant to shocks, flexing of the door and does not require precise alignment. Contactless system avoids the need to perform the maximum permissible force test on the door. Its EC type test approval allows RAY-NC to be retrofitted to any door without further certification.

  • GLASSILED MOTION , The animated facade

    Stand C 37

    Glassiled Motion embeds in a double glazing individually addressable RGB LEDs. The glass panels remains 99% transparent and becomes a giant screen at night.

    Glassiled Motion integrates within a double glazing RGB LEDs which are individually controlled. A single cable per glass is required to power the LEDs. There is no required maintenance facility. The power to LED is transparent. Energy consumption is very low thanks to a silver conductive coating. The glass is transparent to 99%.

    The double silver conductive layer is invisible and enables very high efficiency. The electronic components are protected from moisture and atmospheric degradation by double glazing. A single cable per glass is needed. No extra cost for installation and maintenance compared to normal glass. The technical characteristics of the double glazing are not altered.

  • CONTRAFLAM MEGA, Interior fire glass solution

    Stand B 17

    The biggest interior fire glass solution on the european market: 2300*4600 mm.

    Fire resistant glass for 30 minutes (EI). Contraflam® Mega means more freedom in design and a variety of multi-functional options such as sound reduction or screen printing for individual design, while at the same time maintaining the fire safety level. Contraflam® Mega responds to increasing architectural demand for ever taller glazed free spans between floor to ceiling, without intermediate joints or framing. Installers can handle and install this over-size solution with confidence; Contraflam® Mega panes, like all Contraflam products, are made from fully tempered safety glass, which reduces the risk of breakage on site.

    This fire protection glass solution is the biggest on the european market.

  • SMART IN GLASS, Connected Glazing

    Stand D 23

    Vitrum Glass offers IOT solution "Smart in Glass " to make intelligent and connected technological glass products (heating glass, clouding glass, migration ... ). Their integration is facilitated by plug & play compatible with 90% of the existing profiles on the market and 90% of existing home automation (API will be provided to the market). “Smart in Glass” collects uses in big data to provide services (security, energy efficiency etc ...) to users.

    Today the windows and generally glazing (windows, verandas...) remain the weak link in the energy performance of buildings. Tomorrow, with Smart in Glass® smart windows, equipped with technology glazing (heating, opaquing, LED ...) will be connected. Window glazing can provide safety, comfort and energy savings. They become an important element of the connected home. Smart in Glass® provides data gathered at various connected devices and causes interactions (ex : intelligent thermal control and optimization of the energy performance of heating glazing, predictive services (uses and weather), sensors (presence, temperature, vibration, opening / closing ...). Connected glazing will revolutionize architecture and will create new uses to answer to intelligent buildings and RT2020 challenges (energy mix: photovoltaic + connected glazing + storage battery (Tesla)).

    Solution IOT (Internet of Things) offering connected glazing, real disruptive innovation with current practice, for Smart Home, Smart Office and Smart building. Smart in Glass is available on BIM solution.

  • NINFA 4, The revolution of the glass railing

    Stand B 33

    It is an aluminum profile shaped as a U, which can be used to make an all-glass balustrade. The Ninfa 4 project was born to establish new records and TO REDUCE THE INSTALLATION TIME with an easy and fast installation: 4 meters in 4 minutes.

    Raw aluminum profile extrusion for a glass balustrade, 6060 alloy, anodized or paint, with a tempered laminated glass. The dimensions of the profile are: L95 x H135 mm. Glass assembly is made only from the interior side with fastening screws to adjust the glass. It can be installed laterally, on the ground or even embedded in the ground so that the only visible part will be the glass. The profile comes pre-drilled every 30cm and pre-assembled: for installation, the user just need to drill the floor, fix the profile with the certified provided screws, insert a spacer provided in 1m bar, insert the glass, adjust the glass with a wrench.

    The benefits of Ninfa 4 system are the following: scaffolds are not necessary, glass assembly only from the interior side and fastening screws to adjust the glass only from the internal side for onssembly steps. Ninfa 4' glasses don't need a handrail to be adjusted, but this process can be done with a simple wrench. The product is certified for a thrust resistance of 200kg/m with a glass of 8+ 8+1.52 and 300kg/m with a glass 10+0.76/1.52. A LED light can be easily integrated in the profile.

  • APRO, Lock with aluminium body and handle

    Stand E 47

    The brand new lock with aluminium body and handle and no visible screws, is available with mechanical or magnetic latch. Vertical body with compact sizes for two versions: central (on axis with the glass) or side fitting for jambs (right or left installation). Quick and easy mounting for glasses from 8 to 13.52 mm (66.4). Available finishes: matt aluminium, brushed-steel-effect aluminium. Suggested matching with PROFIXDOOR and IMOTTE systems by Logli Massimo S.p.A.

    The latest APRO lock is the smallest aluminium lock on the market with a square and vertical design. Its compact size (a body of 186 x 70 mm only) hides the high quality mechanical or magnetic latch (AGB). The innovative side fitting for jambs allows keeping the perfect alignment of the lock with the glass. Hideaway mechanism for the magnetic-latch version.

    Lock with compact size, available with mechanical or magnetic latch, with no visible screws; quick and easy installation for central or side fixing, aluminium body.

  • SENSA, Aluminium handle

    Stand L 24

    The handle Sensa comes in Window and Sliding with an exclusive design and in harmony. It can be associated with PVC or aluminum windows.

    It is an aluminium handle in the exclusive design and secured in a design "concept car " in curved lines. It adapts itself to several types of windows. The handle integrates the sécustik solution (secure locking). The sliding handle is a handle with natural movement opening in 20 °.

    A common design to the handles of windows and sliding. An innovation in the industry of handle.

  • ALPAC PRECADRE, The solution to all window problems

    Stand J 98

    Alpac PRESYSTEM Roller shutter is the insulated window system for properly connecting the window frame to the wall, thus ensuring the continuity of the system, maximum thermal insulation and soundproof, air and water tightness and adjusting the level of permeability to moisture. PRESYSTEM Roller shutter is the integrated system specific for roller shutters, which comprises insulating lateral sides in extruded polystyrene (XPS) and fibre cement, a high-density box and insulated cover; it can be completed by an under sill panel with thermal break for full insulation of the four window sides..

    PRESYSTEM Roller Shutter is highly efficient in terms of energy, in line with the most stringent regulatory requirements, such as RT 2012 and RT 2020. It ensures thermal insulation and energy saving, as it eliminates thermal bridges and helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling - in a building of 41 apartments, PRESYSTEM allows to get 6.8% Bbio value more than an energy-efficient building manufactured according to RT 2012 but with traditional boxes, and to save about 1,400 euro in building costs. Moreover, PRESYSTEM helps to soundproof the building, ensuring reduction levels compliant with the strictest standards and the most critical situations (e.g. hospitals, schools). PRESYSTEM comes in numerous variants, to suit the type of masonry and position of the window frame and is customized according to the specific needs of the individual building. It also has easier and faster fit - it arrives on site when required and ready for installation, which results in a saving of time and money for the construction company.

    Alpac PRESYSTEM is unique because it represents an all-in-one trusted solution to manage all operations around the window opening. It guarantees high energy efficient window installation as it cuts all thermal bridges and nobodyelse is offering comparable thermal and acoustic performances. Moreover it is suitable with French rules and tailor made on the basis of each single project, while other solutions cannot adapt to the project.

  • MYLOUINEAU, Have a new installing experience

    Stand L 46

    MyLouineau becomes the first collaborative and participatory Web platform from joinery conception to installation. Divided into two offers, the first one MyChantier enables the preparation, follow-up and analysis of the construction works. The second offer My QR Code makes it possible to provide a service to joinery manufacturers thanks to a code that links to the installation guide of their joinery products. Then these QR Codes may be analyzed for marketing and commercial purposes.

    MyChantier is a service dedicated to craftsmen and joinery manufacturers. They can prepare their construction works determining for each of them the fixing solutions and make on-line quotations and orders. They also can keep track of their construction works step by step passing on the installation schemes to the installation specialists according to the DTU (unified technical document: French building code). At last they can analyze their completed construction works thanks to reporting. My QR Code is a service dedicated to joinery manufacturers who wish to provide an installation guide to installation specialists. This guide, in QR Code form, glued on the joinery, makes it possible to define the number and location of the fixing systems depending on the commercialized joinery. It is also possible for manufacturers to make a benchmark from the QR Codes.

    MyLouineau is the first collaborative and participatory Web platform that comprises the professionals from joinery conception to installation. MyLouineau enables the preparation, follow-up and analysis of the construction works.

  • COVER, New plug-in of calculation of the U of sunrooms and facades

    Stand C 50

    It is now possible in the software "Cover" to make a calculation of thermal performance of every sunroom (Us in W/m²K) or curtain wall (Ucw in W / m²K) with just one simple clic. The result is obtained by +/- 20 minutes. A full report describes each part of the calculation. The Method is based on European standards: EN 673, EN 6946, EN ISO 10211, EN ISO 10077-2 and EN ISO 12631.

    The tool consists in a PLUGIN integrated in the three-dimensional design software "Cover" for sunroom and curtain wall. The software calculates on the fly Ug / Up of the fillings thanks to their composition, their emissivity, their slope and their internal gas (calculation certified EN 673 Annex B). Psi values are calculated on the fly by a finite element SOLVER (certified EN ISO 10211 Annex A and EN ISO 10077-2 March 2013 Appendix D). The calculation of the heat transfer coefficient is based on the "single evaluation method" described in standard EN ISO 12631. The result is obtained in less than 30 minutes and is accessible to any user of the software. Thanks to its "automatic calculation", no special knowledge of thermal theory is required. Therefore, any conservatory will now be accompanied by a report approving its thermal performance thus validating the regulatory limitation of U < 2.5 W / sqm K!

    ACCESSIBILITY: All user of the software can easily calculate the thermal performance of a sunroom. The technical data are introduced upstream by the providers, the user does not need to be a thermicien to make a sale ! SPEED: Result by +/- 20 minutes. REGULATORY: All conservatory installed in France must comply with the regulatory limit of U < 2.5 W/sqm K recently adopted. Only a tool like this, scrupulously respecting each standard is able to provide this value at lower cost and in record time.

  • MYPRICER, The first 100%WEB joinery App

    By: ELCIA
    Stand H 35

    MyPricer is the first 100% web-based application software carpentry suppliers can provide to their craftspeople clients who don’t have specialised software. This application makes it easy to create accurate, sales-oriented quotes and place complete, precise orders with only an internet-enabled tablet, PC or smartphone. No more paper price lists! MyPricer is an excellent prospecting and customer service tool that saves time and money for manufacturers and their clients.

    Today 30,000 craftspeople get materials directly from suppliers or distributors. The result? The supplier has to distribute many price lists, process quote requests, and manually enter orders with all the problems of using paper: time-consuming data capturing, data entry errors, incomplete orders, and more. These “hidden costs” can represent 8 to 12% of the order’s total value. MyPricer greatly reduces manufacturers’ hidden costs: Granting access is simple: with one click, the manufacturer can invite a client to create an account. After account creation, they can immediately access the application. With this web technology, suppliers can distribute large numbers of price lists and update them in real time at a lower cost. For users, the estimating tool is simple and intuitive, and doesn’t require them to install any software. The craftsperson can manage client files, create and modify quotes, and send orders to their manufacturer. The manufacturer receives precise and complete orders in PDF or XML format. With MyPricer, hidden costs now only make up 2% of the transaction value. Since MyPricer is hosted by ELCIA, there is no need to spend money on servers. ELCIA also handles application maintenance and administration, guaranteeing uninterrupted service, data security and confidentiality, and quick response times.

    MyPricer uses ELCIA's new web configurator where product and price parameters are defined. Using this configurator, the craftsperson configures products with all the options their end customers need. ProDevis, ELCIA's best-selling software solution, uses this same configurator, which can also be sold to manufacturers and branded for use on their websites or in their ERP or CRM. This allows manufacturers a customized solution from any interface that is easy to maintain for customers and internal teams.

  • MIRAGE, Web and mobile application of augmented reality

    Stand S 41

    Mirage is an Augmented Reality application for web and mobile devices. This tool is a real sales and purchase assistant which is designed to help the user (professional and private individuals) visualizing and customizing his gate, fence, shutters and his garage door in 3D through various situations.

    Mirage allows the user visualizing and customizing his gate, fence, shutters and garage door in 3D through various situations: >> Via our Maine Clôtures and Maine Fermetures catalogs: when placing your tablet in front of the selected product's page, you will be able to visualize in 3D, customize and register your project, and ask for a quote. >> You can upload a picture of your home on the application and add the selected gate, fence, shutters or garage door, or all of the desired items at the same time to realize a 3D view of your project. >> Via the Augmented Reality: when placing the tablet directly in situation, in front of your home. In this way you can add the products of your choice, adjust their size, the depth and customize it according to your wishes.

    Mirage gives a render as close as possible to reality and allows the end customer to choice with a clear view of the products' installation: his gate, fence, shutters or garage door and even the four at the same time. In addition of the application available on the App Store and Google Play, a Web version is available on our websites and


    Stand E 31

    TECHACOUSTIC® BY TECHNAL software, developed in partnership with GAMBA ACOUSTIQUE, estimates the acoustic performance of joinery systems according to a given configuration. It’s the only tool on the market able to ensure, whatever the composition, an evaluation accuracy to more or less 1 dB near, the equivalent of a laboratory test. Prime contractors get in a few clicks, the performance of their choice. This software also performs accurate modeling of complex sets and large dimensions solutions.

    This software enables the accurate assessment of a window’s acoustic performance in a few clicks. Users begin by entering their choice of frame: they select the range, version (single or composite) and the type of opening. A "freestyle" option also enables them to create a bespoke joinery assembly according to their requirements. Users then specify the dimensions required and select their type of infill using the predefined glazing and panel database. Once these items have been entered, the software instantly provides the product's European Rw (C; Ctr) and American (STC) acoustic reduction indexes. It also plots the acoustic reduction curve for the whole of the frequency spectrum from 100 to 3,150 Hz. These results can be printed out in the form of a report and given to the customer. Simple and intuitive aid tool, this software ensures a quality of service and optimizes the choice of joinery products.

    TECHACOUSTIC® BY TECHNAL is the only tool on the market that can provide an assessment to an accuracy of 1 dB of the acoustic performance of an aluminum carpentry. It optimizes the definition of a TECHNAL window to correspond to the acoustic regulations setting airborne sound insulation of DNTA , tr 30 dB minimum front .

  • FLIR C2, The world's first pocked sized thermal camera

    Stand E 104

    The FLIR C2 is the world's first full-featured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed for a wide range of building and electrical/mechanical applications. Keep it on you so you’re ready anytime to find and show hidden heat patterns that point out hotspots, energy waste, structural defects, plumbing clogs, HVAC issues, and other problems. FLIR C2 makes it more affordable than ever to add the powerful advantage of thermal imaging.

    The FLIR C2 is the world’s first full-featured, pocket-sized, very easy to use and robust thermal camera designed for building industry experts and contractors. FLIR C2 makes thermal camera affordable for all professionals. The FLIR C2’s include MSX® real time image enhancement, high sensitivity, a wide field of view, and fully radiometric imagery to clearly show where problems are and verify the completion of repairs. The FLIR C2 provides IR image, Visible image and allow to store Jpeg format pictures. Delivered with professional FLIR Tools software for post analysis.

    The FLIR C2’s must-have features include MSX® real time image enhancement. Light, slim profile fits comfortably in any work pocket Brilliant 3” intuitive touch screen with auto orientation for easy viewing Built-in LED spotlight you can use as a flashlight and for photo illumination. Very easy to use and robust. Unique FLIR Warranty 2-10 years. Affordable price.

  • MB 2000 - BROCHAGE POUR LES PROFILES ALUMINIUM, A new solution for difficult preps on alu profiles

    Stand D 35

    Broaching is a well known technology for high precision machining of steel or cast iron parts. Machine cost is reasonable. A broach is a multi teeth tool, similar to a very long file. Its section is designed according to the shape to be machined. Its movement is linear, and the required shape is realized by removing very small shavings. Tooth pitch is small, for a noiseless machining. The MB 2000 is fast and cost effective.

    MECAN'OUTIL has been supplying aluminium joinery with punch tools for nearly more than 30 years. Punching is a highly efficient and cost effective technology, used whenever technically possible. With the last thermal insulation requirements, recent profiles are using more sophisticated thermal break solutions, and punching is getting more and more difficult. It is often not possible to locate a strong enough die, in front of the punch. And thickness that need to be cut are sometimes just too big. Broaching key points: > Shape of cut: no constraints, possibility of sharp angles. If a deep cut is required, prep can be done in 2 or 3 steps > Material to be cut: any shape of extruded aluminium combined with any shape of polyamide thermal break. Benefits: each step requires a few seconds, change of die is a matter of minutes.

    Broaching has not so far been used in aluminium joinery. It has some major benefits vs competitive technologies used when punch tools can not be used for technical reasons: 1/ End profile milling is fast, but its noise level is not accepted by H&S rules 2/ Copy routers are cheap but very slow, and labour costly 3/ CNC machines require a large investment, are slow, and are often not precise enough for end bar preps.

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